Brighton deserves better than the Anston House Mega Block Development
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Brighton deserves better than the Anston House Mega Block Development

    1. William Shaw
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      William Shaw

      Brighton, United Kingdom

The Anston House site, beside Brighton's Preston Park, has been derelict for some years. A development of the site is welcomed, especially if it provides a decent level of affordable housing.

In 2012 South African bankers Investec and architects Urban Splash proposed cramming 231 flats onto this 0.6 hectare site, including flats so small that many other local authorities wouldn't have permitted them to be built. This 164 foot high building would have cast serious shadows over the Grade II Listed Preston Park.

With Brighton & Hove City Council rushing to meet ambitious housing targets, council planners recommended the Planning Committee give consent to an application for one of the largest private residential buildings in Brighton's history.

The proposed building was grossly out of proportion for the site and would have a precedent for very tall buildings along the remainder of the Preston Road corridor.

Luckily local planning councillors rejected the plan. 

But the battle isn't over yet. Urban Splash may still appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. We need to demonstrate our continued opposition to this plan.

Brighton deserves a better legacy. Please urge our Planning Department to make sure this site gets the building this prominent site deserves.

See also the Brighton Society for updates

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    1. 24 April: A big NO! But will Urban Splash appeal?

      William Shaw
      Petition Organizer

      On 24 April something remarkable happened. By a single vote Brighton and Hove's planning committee rejected the plans for Anston House. Councillors were under huge pressure to say YES, so this means that they were listening to what you said here.

      But that doesn't mean the proposal is dead. Urban Splash can still appeal. Please keep this petition going until we know for sure that the council have positive plans for this site.


      William Shaw
      Petition Organizer

      Though almost 400 people signed the petition, only 168 people wrote formal objections to the council. It's those objections that really count.

      Anyone can write them. Every member of a household that objects can send their opinion in to the committee.

      The council have said they WILL accept late objections. But only until tomorrow. If you really want to stop bankers telling Brighton what kind of buildings we're going to have, you MUST write your objection by then.

      <a href="">Follow this link</a> to the planning site, press the Make A Comment button and add your objections and your details.

      <STRONG>Why objections matter so much</STRONG>

      Committee rules mean that we have ONLY THREE MINUTES to speak against this proposal. That's the same time as we'd have to object to someone who wants to build an extension in their back yard. But that's just the way things work.

    3. Bad news

      William Shaw
      Petition Organizer

      The bad news is that despite all the opposition, the council's Planning Officers have recommended that the Anston House development goes ahead.

      The Council's Planning Committee meets at 2pm on 24 April at Hove Town Hall to decide if they agree with the Planning Officers.

      <strong>This is our last chance to stop this building</strong>

      Come to Hove Town Hall at 1.45pm and join us at the meeting. A show of numbers can make a huge difference to how the elected members of this committee vote.

      Please come if you can! There's still time to stop the biggest development mistake Brighton will have made since the 1980s.

      We need to know numbers so email me at <a href=""></a> to us know you can make it.

    4. Brighton Marathon: 14 April

      William Shaw
      Petition Organizer

      Thousands will be gathering in Preston Park on Sunday morning. A few of us will be handing out leaflets about the development. We've a limited number of leaflets but if you want to come along and help from 9am - 10.30am, give us a shout on

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    6. Spread the Word...

      William Shaw
      Petition Organizer

      It's tough taking on such a big scheme in a climate when the odds are so firmly stacked in favour of the developers, but we're starting to think we can really change Brighton and Hove Council's minds.

      So let's keep the ball rolling. Lots of people in Brighton don't even know about this planning application. And few of those who have heard of it probably don't know how huge the building is going to be.

      So please take a minute to spread the word and invite your friends to take part. And even more importantly, tell the Council Planning Department directly why you don't think this is the right building for Brighton by pressing the "Make a comment" button on the council's planning application page.

      Every objection on the application is recorded and valid objections are passed straight to the councillors who will decide whether this goes ahead.

      We all want new affordable buildings in Brighton, but the council don't have to throw out their own standards to get them built

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    • eleanor earl CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      This is such a beautiful area architecturally and does not deserve such a monster of a building to start eating it up.

      • about 1 year ago

      I plan to live on Dyke Road Drive, and the scale of this building would turn the entire residential street into a valley. I also spend a lot of time in Preston Park with my daughter and value the sunshine. There are more viable alternatives and I commend any attempt to build sustainable housing in the Preston Park area, but this proposal is quite evidently dystopian and widely inappropriate given the scale of the surrounding buildings.

      • about 1 year ago

      Housing Co-op under threat.‏

      Please sign this petition:

      Then click on share to add to your facebook page.

    • Deirdre McGuinness BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      poky flats , dark shaded Preston park, no infrastructure what is there to like?

    • Suzanna Sweryda HOVE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      A high-rise building of this size should not go ahead in this area. It will block light from a well-used and very lovely Victorian park and will totally change the look of the area. This road marks the gates of the City - and the buildings on the road should reflect the pride we feel in Brighton. Don't let it go ahead.


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