Justin Jasper is Innocent!
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Justin Jasper is Innocent!

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      Justin Jasper

This petition to vindicate Justin Jasper is being presented on behalf of his friends and family, nationwide. We stand in support of his innocence.

Visit vindicatejustinjasper.blogspot.com for additional information about Justin and how to donate to his legal fund.

By signing this petition, you are not only bringing attention to the allegations made against a young man whose entire future is at stake, but standing up for the rights of anyone who has ever been or ever will be falsely charged with serious crimes.

In Justin Jaspers' case, the false allegations resulted in multiple felony charges & indictment by grand jury during a time of heightened fear in light of recent tradegies.

The charges that Justin is facing as a result of these implications would fetch a 50 year sentence in federal prison.
This would cost the taxpayers almost $2,000,000 to incarcerate Justin.
Not only is a young man's future at stake, but incurring this cost would be a gross misuse of finances during a year of budget cuts and market instability.

There is no reason for Justin to be in federal custody.
He is being detained under false allegations and assumptions based on unsupported circumstantial evidence.
This is a gross misunderstanding on everyone's part and he deserves to be heard.

Justin is innocent of plotting to cause violence or destruction in Seattle and due process in state court with a jury of his peers and communication to family from his defense would have promptly proven this.

Justins' character has been publicly defamed by misrepresented and unrelated free speech excerpts taken from personal journals, and applied to the circumstantial evidence that was assumed he intended to use maliciously, again, without supporting evidence.

The immediate release of unsupported speculation to the media caused a flurry of misinformation that influenced further presumptions that Justin is an imminent threat to the community, ultimately leading to his federal indictment.

Imagine your frustration if you were falsely accused and your story was not being heard by this point.

Family members have voluntarily spent the first week following Justins arrest proactively working with authorities instead of media, freely releasing any supporting information relevant to Justins situation and character.

We have been questioned by agents about Justins political intentions, interest in foreign government, whether he's involved in violent acts of any nature or an active member of militia groups- he's not. He's also not the radical-left wing-extremist-skin head-anarchist that the news and our government have inappropriately conveyed him to be.

Justins' true political opinions and beliefs that people should work together to rectify injustices run parallel to what the Change.org petitions are about, and the petitioners who create them to better the lives of everyone they impact. We feel it best to now reach out using just such a source for recognition of Justins injustice.

By not taking the time to sign this petition, you are allowing an innocent man and his relatives' futures be negatively impacted for the rest of their lives. Your consideration of this sensitive situation is very important during a time when our rights are too often being stepped around and poorly exercised.

Your activism is much appreciated, and we sincerely thank you for your time.

22 year old Justin Jasper's journey with 46 year old Erik Henderson began in April 2013, after Justin had been communicating with Lennart and Bhante Saddhasara about visiting and possibly taking a vow at Mahamevnawa Meditation Monastery in Tampa, Florida. He was excited to receive news that they would have him if he found transportation.
With a very restricted budget, Justin posted a rideshare ad on Craigslist in Las Vegas, seeking anyone traveling toward the east coast with an extra seat. Justin said Erik was the first response he received that did not make him feel uneasy, so he accepted Eriks offer to take him as far as Salt Lake City for free.
Once in SLC, Erik retained Justins' contact information after they parted ways, later contacting Justin to offer his home should Justin want to visit Montana. Justin said he would consider it. Erik contacted Justin another time with an offer to buy Justin a bus ticket to Montana in exchange for Justin doing a favor on Eriks behalf when he got there. Justin accepted the bus ticket, which was purchased May 13.
Justin did not possess a drivers license at the time he left Las Vegas, only a state ID. At some point during his stay at Eriks' house from May 13-June 25, Justin received assistance in applying for a drivers license and was given full use of Eriks home while Erik periodically left the state for work.

Justin was in contact with Erik Henderson via 2 different email accounts during his time in Seattle. Justin did not own a phone, borrowing devices to maintain contact with Erik via email. Their friendly conversations focused on Eriks disdain for east coast weather, Erik visiting Utah to pick things up that he'd been in search of and Justin shared his excitement to involve himself in the current politics/legislature in Washington. Justin was in Seattle to show his support for current political events Prop 8/DOMA on Eriks' behalf and taken an interest in 'Restore the Fourth' following current events surrounding NSA and Snowden. The 'Restore the Fourth' meetup in Seattle ended up being postponed last week.
Justin was sleeping in the truck for 2 days because he did not have money for food and gas. Justin emailed Erik about this, requesting $150.00 to sent via Western Union so that Justin could afford the gas back to Butte, Montana since the initial $200 Justin had was not enough to cover round trip fuel with the trucks gas mileage. Justin told Erik to let him know when Western Union had the money, and went to sleep in the truck.
Officers approached Justin to find out why he was sleeping in the truck. Justin was cooperative, did not have money for a motel, revealed the truck to belong to Erik Henderson; when Justins' drivers license and truck plates came back clean, Justin was left alone to sleep.

The next day, Justin was arrested by officers who now claimed the truck had been reported stolen along with Eriks guns and armor which were located inside the truck. Justin insisted he did have Eriks' consent to drive the vehicle and was cooperating with the police as they arrested him for being in possession of a vehicle that was reported stolen. After reporting the truck stolen, Erik continued to email Justin, asking that he find someones phone to borrow.

But Justin did not have the resources to check his email after his last message to Erik about being stranded without gas. Justin was unable to access Eriks subsequent emails.

During Justins' initial time in state custody, Erik maintained that Justin did not have permission to drive the truck, then later reported that he had concerns of Justin not being covered by his insurance in the event of an accident and did not press charges.

With all of the theft charges dropped, the state was left to find direct evidence against Justin for the only charge unaccounted for- the alleged molotov cocktails- which consisted of gas in glass bottles during a period that Justin was in need of fuel.

Authorities found no wrongdoing or had suspicion of wrongdoing on Justins part prior to Eriks' claims and solely Eriks' claims.

 Had Erik not reported his truck and its' content stolen when Justin contacted him about being out of gas, Justin would be a free man today. Justin was not under scrutiny by authorities prior to asking Erik for the $150 he needed in order to drive back to Butte, Montana

Justins life is worth more than $150. His future and background are at risk of being tarnished forever over the cost of 2 tanks of gas, leaving a lot of unanswered questions from upset family and friends.

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    1. WE WERE ABLE TO SPEAK TO JUSTIN (con't part 3)

      Justin Jasper
      Petition Organizer

      Justin said that he's been kept in solitary going on 9 months straight now, no interaction with anyone other than guards and FBI that question him after days without sleep. Justin stated that on several occasions, the prison guards have either attempted to medicate him or succeeded in doing so, but he was not told what it was. A third party mental assessment was done to establish what the prison claims is "sudden onset schizophrenia", but the family spoke to the third party psych, who was NOT aware at the time of his assessment that Justin had been in solitary for so long! I informed him that Justin has been there since July of last year, and the doctor said Justins' disoriented behavior lately would be a combination of solitary confinement and lack of sleep. I have written to the Supreme Court Judge about this, but my letter was disregarded. They intend to keep Justin in solitary and administer anti-psychotics based on the misled assessments where solitary effects were not considered.


      Justin Jasper
      Petition Organizer

      Justin stated that he had permission to drive the truck, but the arrest happened after he refused to run meth for Eric and the undercover agent. We were told my Justins defense that he gave himself black eyes while in SEATAC, but their is no surveillance of it. Justin stated that he has no recollection of this, that he woke up with swollen eyes, and guards told him he did it to himself. Although Justin had permission to take the truck, a cafe owner in Seattle admitted to printing the maps for him and giving him the money for the gas that was found in the bottles & no ammo was present, no prints on the guns, Justin has been coerced into signing a plea deal. Justin said that he does not recall reading his plea deal and he could not tell us any of the details therein. He was told that if he did not plea guilty to the charges as stated and be moved to a medical facility where they could administer medications, that he would receive a lengthier prison sentence....


      Justin Jasper
      Petition Organizer

      As briefly as I can, it took 8 months to talk to Justin over a closed circuit monitor. He stated that guards have been harassing him and his complaints are not addressed. He stated that guards refuse him his phone calls, which is why we have only heard from him this one time- he is still in solitary confinement. Justin also stated that guards will not send out his letters, so he gave up attempting to communicate because he now does not receive 3 meals, they do not allow him to sleep so he is very disoriented. Justin stated that Erics' media claims are false, and that despite the authorities' claims that this is in no way politically-driven, one of Erics' friends was the FBI agent that brought him in. Justin stated that the agent never introduced himself as such, and attempted on multiple occasions to have Justin run meth for him. Justin stated that he refused everytime, but ultimately it was that same undercover agent from Montana that took his political journals from the the truck....

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    • Hye Young Seok LAS VEGAS, NV
      • 26 days ago

      He was a personal friend, and I will stand up for what's right in this world. No one deserves their life to be thrown away, no matter how much of a butthead they were. I knew he was better than that.

      • 6 months ago

      This young man is CLEARLY innocent. This miscarriage of justice is appalling!

    • Rachel Bry HADLEY, MA
      • 9 months ago

      He didn't do anything wrong.

    • tiffany carpenter NUNNELLY, TN
      • 9 months ago

      He didn't do it. Didn't harm anyone.

    • Kai Sneed RIVERSIDE, CA
      • 9 months ago

      Law Enforcement is ignoring evidence that he is innocent and that is appalling as a citizen.


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