Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party: Don't start standardized testing the students of Saskatchewan.
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Premier of Saskatchewan
The Honourable Brad Wall
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Russ Marchuk
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Trent Wotherspoon
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Janet Foord
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Colin Keess

Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party: Don't start standardized testing the students of Saskatchewan.

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Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have waged a well-planned war on education. This war on education began by preventing school divisions from raising taxes to pay for local initiatives. Then Brad Wall froze budgets for three years while school divisions struggled to pay for basic things like repairs to schools. Teachers were then attacked to start off a round of negotiations, and the Saskatchewan Party spents millions of tax dollars to focus frustrations on the education system squarely on teachers.

Saskatchewan has a world-class curriculum based on sound educational research.  Much of this new curriculum was implemented with little direct teacher support in learning about and achieving the new provincial outcomes.  Teachers, schools, and school divisions struggled and worked hard to find new ways of teaching and collecting evidence of their students' learning.  

Now, Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have added 40 hours to the school year to make up for the time that will surely be lost to standardized testing - yet noone seems to be able to explain why this change is taking place.

It's time to stand up to Mr. Wall and say, "enough is enough." Our schoolos need well-trained, enthusiastic teachers with the tools for a 21st Century economy - something that standardized testing will NOT help. Please sign up and petition Brad Wall to re-think his war on education in Saskatchewan.

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      • about 1 year ago

      My kids are not standard. There is so much evidence out there that this type of testing in meaningless. Why when institutions are moving away from this type of testing are we moving towards it? Sask has a legacy of being behind, why be followers when you can be leaders, lets think differently.

    • Stefanie Giroux REGINA, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      Our children deserve to be treated as individual learners. Brad Wall's government is at war with the education system and has made no effort to consult with people actually involved in teaching when making changes to the Education Act. This is a very dangerous game that he is playing, dangerous to the future of SK.

    • Ron Martin WROXTON, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      It's too bad that when listing the reasons for opposing standardized testing we never see what is likely the most important of them all. Check out their reliability and validity statistics. It becomes clear that the students the test designers used to evaluate the accuracy of these tests are most often not representative of Saskatchewan students. The tests have virtually no correlation with what is taught in Saskatchewan curricula. The tests' validity figures are unacceptably poor. In simple terms, these tests are crude instruments that have little relationship to what is taught in our schools and do not measure accurately what they are promoted as measuring. But these are the tests that our Education Minister confidently states will give parents the information they need to make comparisons to other provinces. Really?

    • Shaun Spence PARADISE HILL, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      As an educator I find it difficult to accept that despite substantial evidence to the contrary the government is spending millions of dollars for the purpose of ranking students and schools in hopes of improving education. As a teacher of English Language Arts I am also concerned in that no standardised exams can successfully and accurately measure the multiple strands (representing, speaking, writing, viewing, listening, and reading) emphasised in the curriculum. It is likely that many of the strands will be ignored in the classroom in favour of “teaching to the test” tactics. Most importantly I question the motivation of the implementation as it seems more of a attempt to create a political bragging point than honestly support student learning.

    • Kathy Kerr KYLE, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      As a teacher, I wish everyone could witness the engagement, excitement and learning that occur when students are given the opportunities to make choices and have agency over their learning.


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