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Boycott Beef until the SA.F.E. Act is passed
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American Farm Bureau Foundation
National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Boycott Beef until the SA.F.E. Act is passed

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      Habitat for Horses

We tried to reason, we spent our money in courts fighting you, we've taken those we’ve managed to save and watched our government bow to the horse slaughter industry. We’ve filed bills in Congress and watched them die, spent a ton of money trying to stop the roundups and slaughter, yet it continues unabated.


One hundred seventy thousand horses a year, 472 a day, one every 4.8 minutes, die in a slaughterhouse. Year after year, we have sought to bring it to an end. No one listened, most of the cattle industry laughed at us.


It’s time for that laughter to end.


The beef industry  has always been in full support of the horse slaughter industry. You've worked hand-in-hand with the AQHA and the BLM as they push for horse slaughter, and your influence in all 50 state Farm Bureaus has been consistent. You've taken every word from the paid propagandists and force fed them to the Farm Bureau members.


Knowing full well that your facts are pure lies, you have convinced those inside the Beltway to believe that you are the saviors of the horse industry.


You aren’t. You are horse killers, wanting nothing better for the horses of America than you want for your cattle - to be slaughtered and served to the consumer for a profit.


Now it’s time for the 80% to strike back in a way that will force you to listen.


Starting now, we pledge that we will not buy nor consume another bite of beef until the S.A.F.E Act is passed and signed into law. No hamburgers, no BBQ beef, no steak, no fast food with beef. And we ask that every person that is against horse slaughter do the same.

American Farm Bureau Foundation, Executive Director
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
As an American horse advocate, I pledge that I will not buy beef of any kind until the SAFE Act is passed and the American horse is free from the threat of slaughter!

Not a dollar of my money will enter your pocket until you and your supporting organizations take the action necessary to support and pass the SAFE Act.

[Your name]

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    • Theresa Schulke FRANKFORT, UNITED STATES
      • about 1 month ago

      I am sick of this inhumane practice in our nation and the shipping of these animals to Canada and Mexico!!! please take the necessary actions to pass the SA.F.E Act. No beef products will be purchased until this is passed.


    • Sharon Stone GLOUCESTER, VA, VA
      • 5 months ago

      Until slaughter is done in a humane way then it should not be done at all.

    • michelle moore HARTVILLE, OH
      • 5 months ago

      I own horses and I just don't feel that's what they are for.

    • Valerie Moore NORMAN, OK
      • 5 months ago

      I have been a vegetarian for years, but the rest of my family is not. They will not be buying or eating any beef until no horse slaughter, or deportation of horses for slaughter is ended.

    • Jennifer Alford OLYMPIA, WA
      • 5 months ago

      No more laughter from the cattle industry. I want my voice to be listened to. No more beef for me until the SAFE Act is passed.


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