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BBC Radio 2: Please reverse your decision to drop the Russell Davies Song Show Sunday 9pm

    1. Geoff Sherratt
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      Geoff Sherratt

      Bristol, United Kingdom

Although the Russell Davies Song Show could be seen as a 'niche' programme, I know it has a very loyal and devoted fan-base, both here in the UK and abroad. It is one of very few national radio programmes which features popular songs of the highest quality written with care for rhyme, style and sophistication of content in what might be called the Golden Age of Song, approximately 1910-1970, and primarily in USA. It is sometimes called the Great American Songbook and individual songs are often referred to as standards. Russell Davies is extemely knowledgeable and his programmes are consistently entertaining, informative and often amusing. He is erudite and his show stands out amongst what is becoming an increasingly anodyne and bland radio station. I can see no good reason for his show to be discontinued and ask the 'powers-that-be at Radio 2 to reconsider their short-sighted decision to drop it from their schedules.

Bob Shennan, Controller of BBC Radio 2
Please reverse your decision to drop the Russell Davies Song Show Sunday 9pm

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    2. Only ONE more show (continued)

      Geoff Sherratt
      Petition Organizer

      no harm to send to both addresses - I suggest you email B Shennan and copy to the 2 Carnie addresses).

      One final point regards the BBC's finances in general. The only reason given for dropping Russell's show is 'necessary' budget cuts to Radio 2 of c20%. There has been much recent publicity about excessive executive pay-offs and general frittering of funds by the Corporation. Does this mean that because of the BBCs profligacy, we are to be given a much-reduced and inferior Radio2 service? I would point out that the BBC Big Band is also under threat and a petition on this website is attracting a lot of signatures. I urge you to sign that as well if you feel as I do, that the BBC needs to be told that we the listeners don't like what they are doing to OUR radio station.

      Thank you all for your support.

      Geoff Sherratt

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    3. Only ONE more show

      Geoff Sherratt
      Petition Organizer

      Apologies if you've already received this message; I sent it (I think) in the early hours of this morning but couldn't tell if it had actually worked (i'm not too technically-savvy)

      Hello fellow-petitioners,
      Well, I'm afraid we've just heard the last-but-one Russell Davies Song Show, assuming the bosses at Radio 2 have their way and, from the tone of Russell's voice this week and last, he sounds quietly resigned to its fate. Admittedly he can't complain or show despair on air as that would be utterly unprofessional and that is something he most definitely is not. So it's up to us, his loyal listeners, to make our feelings known. Whilst I thank you one and all, for voicing your feelings in this petition, I would encourage you to also say how you feel direct to the men concerned, notably Bob Shennan, Controller, BBC Radio2, - email <bob.shennan@bbc.co.uk> and Lewis Carnie, Head of Programmes BBC Radio2 - email <lewis.carnie@bbc.co.uk> and <dllewcarass01@bbc.co.uk> (I guess it would do

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    5. Wise words here from well-respected pundits

      Geoff Sherratt
      Petition Organizer

      Please bear in mind that the news of the dropping of Russell Davies's show has not yet been made official.
      It was first mentioned by Gillian Reynolds of the Daily Telegraph on 31 July:

      Also in the Telegraph is supportive comment by Mick Brown:

      and some quotes from Russell himself. It's clear he is not happy with this situation.

      All change at Radio 2...but not for the better, radio review

      Why was I away so long? Thanks for asking. I wasn't ill. I was getting ready for the builder. It took all that time because of the way dishes in cupboards and books on shelves multiply unnoticed over the years.

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      • 9 days ago

      Best p-0rogramme on Radio 2

      • about 1 month ago

      This programme is so much more than a "Song Show" it is an educational show. In addition to playing fasinating music we are treated to the stories behind the songs a legacy following on from Benny Green whos talent for a story is lengendary. This is in no way to belittle the contribution by Russell Davies whose ability to entertain with fasinating facts is also wonderful. Most radio presenters today are illertrate of their subject and faltering in their presentation. Try listening to the ramblings of Elaine Page who destroys a most fasinating subject. Mr. Davies presents music without the mind numbing and untalented use of drum machine and digital nonsence, by individuals both past and present who are at the top of their proffession presented by a man of equal talent. Long must it contiue.

      • 2 months ago

      No one else plays music like Russell Davies did in this show. That's a great reason to reinstate it. Bring it back please.

    • Charles Leach ST. ASAPH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      The Russell Davies Song Show evokes much musical nostalgia...do not let the programme become a thing of the past, keep the show on air!!

      • 4 months ago

      Russell Davies was great fun and informative


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