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The islamic face veil, the burqa, needs to be banned for security
  • Petitioned Ban the Burqa in Australia

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Ban the Burqa in Australia

The islamic face veil, the burqa, needs to be banned for security

    1. Jaimi Houison
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      Jaimi Houison

      Sydney, Australia

I believe this is important to create a more equal community environment, where no religion has special privileges. It will also help with our national security. We all have to take off motorbike helmets and other items covering our faces in banks, court houses and several other places, yet muslims that wear the burqa are allowed to walk any where without having to show their identity. This is not a show of equality. 

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    • Barry Edwards AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago


      • 7 months ago

      you cant drive blinded from the right or left, woman driver nearly caused accident get over the burqa its not needed in Australia or anywhere in 2013.

    • Karen Goodwin AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago

      In Australia we use facial expressions as a way of communicate, how can we communicate with the face we cant see apart from the fact its dangerous, damn right rude, insulting and intimidating which I am sure they are aware of.

    • ghislaine wassenberg KENSINGTON GROVE, AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago

      Australia is about fair rights. Where is it fair, we have to display our face. They come into our country they should follow our rules. If we were to go to there country we dont get to change the rules, we have to follow theres.

    • Carole Gustin BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago

      It's Discrimination against every Australian Citizen by allowing them to wear the Burqa as well as dangerous. I have to show my face as we all do. There are plenty of Muslim women walking around showing their faces, so this is just a cult NOT their Religion, they have already started with we want Shari Law. As far as I'm concerned if they don't want to abide by the Laws of this Country they should be deported or find a country where they will fit in. But for me and my house it's NO to the BURQA .


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