Ban ALL killing of helpless animals in shelters and promote No Kill policies
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Ban ALL killing of helpless animals in shelters and promote No Kill policies

    1. suju bala
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      suju bala

      Bangalore, India


All animals, who turn up in shelters being abandoned or lost, WANT to live... their lives are precious and they DESERVE to live..

An animal's life is not a disposable commodity, to be extinguished at the whims and fancies of an individual or a few people at the Shelter..

There is a moral responsibility here, which is being overlooked, in order to keep up with the "rules" of the system of governance... and there is the blind complacency that as long the "rules" are obeyed and archaic pro-killing excuses are in place, all is well... in spite of the fact that Governing bodies (who should be looking at the humane issues with compassion and fairness) and the  Shelter people, who  mercilessly pick and kill the sad, helpless animals at the shelter  in the name of "protecting"  the "society", have lost touch with their conscience a long, long time ago...

An Animal shelter deals with live animals on a daily basis, and this is a humane and public responsibility in a civilized society...  the Shelter Director and workforce must be selected carefully of people with the highest ethics and love for animals.. they will have a public- friendly and adoption- friendly attitude and animals are adopted out to loving people with barest minimum of formalities ..killing of helpless beings can never be an option in a civilized society.. ever ..

All shelter activities must be transparently reflected in a website dedicated to the shelter, and statistics and amount of space available for animals updated in real time for public information.. volunteers must be granted access at all times to help the shelter pets..

Police Officers should be trained in how to handle a dog  instead of shooting down family pets.

Ban BSL.. not worth a thought... 

No- kill Shelters in the city is something that every citizen should be rightly proud of, as it shows that the law-makers and people here are morally sensitive and awake...  all cities, counties and states can network with each other  to see how much more can be done for the welfare of these helpless, innocent and loving beings...

Please let us all together help make this a better place for all our companion friends so that they can live long and happy lives..

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    • Valerie Brown ROSEVILLE, CA
      • 3 months ago

      We currently have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 guinea pigs, 2 rats, 2 geckos but have rescued, fostered, owned many more than this over 40 years.My family is at our limit for time, money & resources adopt more. Society, government and non profit shelters must do more to educate people and provide assistance for spay neuter services. Otherwise this travesty will become even more insurmountable.

    • Christine Hammond EL DORADO HILLS, CA
      • 3 months ago

      We can solve animal overpopulation with education. First the killing must stop. All my pets are rescues. My parents and siblings all get rescues only. They are previous individuals each and deserve protection and safety.

      • 3 months ago

      Rehome Do Not Kill Innocengt Animals

    • wesley wilson NEW ALBANY, IN
      • 3 months ago

      i love animals and dont want them to be killed when theyve done nothing wrong

    • Kaitlin Simmonds FLORENCE, CO
      • 3 months ago

      It is important to me because animals have a right to live to! If you kill a puppy or kitten it is like killing a human baby!!! How would you like to have your baby(s) killed!?!? Helpless animals don't deserve to die they can't even put up a fight! If you kill a helpless animal.... YOU ARE SICK!!!!!! So please just don't kill them


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