Avid, please  continue support for TDM in Pro Tools version 11 .
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Avid Technology, Inc. 75 Network Drive Burlington, United States
Avid Technology, Inc. 75 Network Drive Burlington, United States
Avid Technology, Inc. 75 Network Drive Burlington, United States

Avid, please continue support for TDM in Pro Tools version 11 .

    1. David Marsden
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      David Marsden

      Southport, United Kingdom

Avid Technology, Inc. has stated that it’s previous generation TDM technology will cease to be supported from Pro Tools version 11 onwards. Version 11 will be the first 64 bit release of Pro Tools and Avid has stated publicly that it is technically impossible to implement TDM technology in a 64 bit environment.

TDM users will therefore be forced to purchase Avid’s new HDX technology if they wish to upgrade to Pro Tools 11.

This presents a significant problem for many TDM users. At present there is a chronic shortage of 3rd party plug-ins compatible with the HDX format.

* Waves, undoubtedly the leading 3rd party plug-in developer currently has no plans to produce an HDX version of its plug-ins. 
* Soundtoys has not yet made a decision wether it will develop HDX versions of its plug-ins
* URS and Abbey Road.... No mention of HDX versions anywhere.
* Eventide has yet to release an HDX version of its flagship Anthology bundle. 
* Audioease has said there will be an HDX version of Altiverb but are unsure when it will be released.
* It appears Avid itself has yet to convert all it’s OWN plug-ins to HDX format! This almost a year after HDX's release!
* Sonnox has only released two HDX compatible plug-ins so far. 
* TC Electronics has said it will NEVER be supporting HDX. 
* There will be no HDX versions of Amp Farm, Echo Farm and Virus Indigo.
* Native Instruments has released a few AAX virtual instruments but otherwise the AAX VI situation is dire.
* VSL has said there will be an AAX version of VE Pro but who knows when!!!

This appalling lack of 3rd party plug-in support means many TDM users will not purchase HDX systems until there are a LOT more 3rd party plug-ins available. Many plug-in developers will not support HDX until a LOT more HDX systems have been sold. This is a vicious circle that hurts both Avid and its end users.

Therefore I ask that Avid reconsider it’s decision to remove support for TDM in Pro Tools 11 and beyond until there are significantly more HDX plug-ins available.

It is my understanding that Avid’s decision to abandon support for TDM is NOT because it is technically impossible to implement but a marketing decision.

I question Avid’s claim for the following reasons.

TDM is already working in a 64 bit environment. The TDM card is on the PCI bus and in communication with the host. Mac OSX is now fully 64 bit and yet TDM cards still work.
Apple’s Logic Audio is a 64 bit application running in fully 64 bit operating system on a Mac Pro starting up in 64 bit kernal mode. It works perfectly well with TDM via the Avid Core Audio driver. If a 3rd party 64 bit application like Logic can operate with TDM then why can’t Pro Tools?
All the other audio hardware manufacturers have made the transition to 64 bit including UAD and its DSP PCI cards. Is it really that much more difficult for Avid to do the same with TDM?

Please Avid... for the benefit of your loyal customers, keep TDM going a little while longer so we can continue to use the tools we know and rely on and also benefit from your latest technologies.

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    • Hugh Counsell AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      I use echo farm and amp farm every day!

    • Danielle Olson DULUTH, MN
      • 7 months ago

      special people

    • Nick Balk WOODLAND HILLS, CA
      • 7 months ago

      I've been a loyal avid customer and you've left me in the dark again

    • Larry Lees ELK RIVER, MN
      • 8 months ago

      I have built a new Mac/PC system with 32 GB RAM and 64 bit operating system I would love to be able to tap into this latest Protools 11 technology!

    • Eduardo Santos SãO PAULO, BRAZIL
      • 11 months ago

      I have a lot of TDM systems and I think that it's unfair with we long time users of Pro Tools, the world is not based only in money increase, let's be more correct!!!


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