Protect Aboriginal Land
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Protect Aboriginal Land

    1. Andrea Wood
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      Andrea Wood

      Oakland, CA

The NSW Aborigines Welfare Board controlled Aboriginal lives until the 1960s, pursuing policies that are now acknowledged as having contributed to the destruction of Aboriginal families and society by separating children from their parents. These children became known as ‘the stolen generations’ and are still searching for their families. They now number between 15,000 and 20,000 in NSW alone. During the First World War, some four to five hundred Aboriginal people enlisted in the armed forces. During this time, the State government continued to remove Aboriginal children from their families, including youngsters whose fathers were serving overseas.

Take action and protect Aboriginal families.

Australian Prime Minister
Protect Aboriginal Land


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    • Michael Lawson BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I very much wish these people to survive. They are a very small minority (about the population of Luxembourg) and therefore very precious and of no threat. They are the true Australians and should not be destroyed and assimulated by other races.

      It is very important that we find the right way to preserve and protect and value these people. They deserve land and freedom to preserve their own unique identity.


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