SAY NO to the sale of our assets till we have a national interest test
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SAY NO to the sale of our assets till we have a national interest test

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      Australian Companies Institute Limited (AUSBUY)

When foreign interests control our wealth creating assets, the benefits of those assets no longer stay in Australia. Our tax laws favour foreign owned interests. They pay only 10% withholding tax on declared profits, many of which are siphoned off shore. The decisions are made off shore, the profits go off shore, and this puts our jobs, skills and reinvestment at risk.

Many of the countries buying our land, do not even allow their own citizens to buy land, and yet we are proposing to allow control of these assets in competition with our owned. > How are we going to pay off our national debt if we do not control the assets which will feed us, and future generations.
>How can we take advantage of the Asian opportunities if we do not own and control the assets in our own country.
>Successive government have ignored the plight of our farmers and the decline of on farm income and their rising debt.
>They have ignored consequences of policies which have allowed the control of every major food commodity, except rice, beyond the farm gate to be controlled by foreign interests.
>They have signed free trade agreements with countries that do not meet our standards while our exports still bear tariffs.

TIME TO WAKE UP AUSTRALIA! - This is our country, these are our people and this is our future!

We are not saying no to foreign investment but we should retain controlling interest of 51% to ensure our majority control ownership and transparency of the transactions and the decisions that are made here. What we have currently is not investment, it is takeover and Australia will not benefit.

A country that cannot water itself, feed itself, secure its energy, transport and infrastructure, which ignores the skills of its own people and their knowledge of our land puts our future at risk. The new parliament should be representing our long term interests and get Australians and Australian assets working for Australia again.

Sign this petition to show your support and this will be forwarded to every politician in the Senate, lower and upper house in all parties and we urge you to get your friends and family to sign it as well.

Nick Xenophon
Tony Abbott, Liberal Party
Barnaby Joyce, National Party
Kelvin Thompson, Labor Party
Bob Katter, Katters Australia Party
Joe Hockey, Liberal Party
John Madigan
Clive Palmer
SAY NO to the sale of our assets till we have a national interest test

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    • Paul Giulieri AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      It's important for our children

    • Michael Creighton LAURIETON, AUSTRALIA
      • 5 days ago

      Its time to keep Australia for Australians and stop all these companies putting profits before people. I understand that a company needs to make a profit but to what degree. We are fast becoming an unskilled country with all our jobs going offshore. We then have companies saying oh we don't have skilled workers we need to bring them in on a 457 visa? "ASK THE QUESTION WHY" train our own people create our own wealth in our own country. Don't be stupid Australia its time to take back our country from our corrupt politicians and greedy business executives who cannot run a company correctly as their quick fix to making more profit is to dismiss their workers. What happens then when they have no workers. With all the work going offshore so is all our personal information. "OH PLEASE WAKE UP AUSTRALIA"

    • Kaya Pritchard AUSTRALIA
      • 5 days ago

      I want to protect Australia and stop foreign ownership!

    • John Richardson AUSTRALIA
      • 8 days ago

      I love my country Australia with a passion; and we need to look after it.

    • Robert Durbin AUSTRALIA
      • 10 days ago

      We MUST protect our country of foreign ownership, especially our rural assets. What will our children, not to mention our grandchildren have left. If the government cannot be responsible and take control of our assets everybody will be at risk.


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