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Director of Marketing - Swiss Valley Ski Resort
Jamie Stafne
Chief Executive Officer - Greencroft
Mark King
Director of Marketing - Elkhart Memorial
Danielle A. Dyer
President - Elkhart Memorial
Gregory W. Lintjer
Vice President - Sorg Jewelers
Darin Sorg
Marketing Manager - Concord Mall
Deb Alwine
General Manager - Concord Mall
Robert L. Thatcher
Penguin Point
General Manager
Vice President of Operations - Goodwill of Michiana
Ray Garbaciak
Director of Marketing - Interra Credit Union
Karen Steffensen
Advertising Manager - Martins Super Markets
Dave Mayfield
Vice President of Operations - Goodwill of Michiana
Ray Garbaciak
President - Sorg Jewelers
John Sorg
Director of Marketing and Advertising - Menards
Barb Davis
Community for Responsible Community Journalism

Ask local businesses to withdraw their associations from WFRN

    1. Petition by

      Committee for Responsible Community Journalism

Dear Community Members:

We would like to invite each of you to sign a new petition (http://www.change.org/petitions/ask-local-businesses-to-withdraw-their-associations-from-wfrn) to WFRN advertisers. We appreciate your time and attention to this endeavor.

What action we want to see

We are asking WFRN advertisers to immediately cancel their advertising with and distance their company from WFRN radio station. We ask that they withdraw all associations until WFRN produces an acceptable policy on responsible journalistic standards. In addition, we hope these companies will strongly encourage the station to apologize for the negative effect it had on our community.

We understand that action at this level is harder on some businesses than others - particularly small businesses. Please consider this as you add your message to the petition. We appreciate all the businesses who are receiving this letter and do not intend to use it as a call to boycott any local business.

Why this is important

Many of us know that there are three participants in any bullying event or circumstance - the bully, the victim, and the witnesses. In this case, WFRN has been the bully, community dialog and our political process has been the victim, and the people of the community are the witnesses.

If one were to remove ‘politics’ from WFRN’s actions and insert any family member or organization in it’s place, it’s easy to see the damage that can happen. Suppose you, your daughter, son, sister, brother, spouse, or your business did something that Doug Moore, the station manager at WFRN, did not like. Would we, as a community, feel comfortable with the station using it’s broad platform to target people that we know? It would be unthinkable, but WFRN has tread onto that slippery slope and as community members, we have a responsibility to hold them accountable.

Witnesses are the most effective party when standing up to bullies. And so, we, as community witnesses, stand up to WFRN.

Who’s on the list

We have identified many responsible community partners that we would like to incorporate into this campaign. Our purpose in identifying these companies is not to punish or judge them, but to give them an opportunity to stand with us in voicing our disapproval in WFRN’s actions. Advertisers who will receive this letter include:

  • AMBS*
  • Matterns Deli
  • Interra Credit Union
  • Edward Jones
  • Swiss Valley Ski Resort
  • Martins Super Markets
  • Sorg Jewelers
  • Concord Mall
  • Menards
  • Greencroft
  • Elkhart Memorial
  • Penguin Point
  • Goshen Plumbing and Heating*


* Update (11/14): Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary discontinued advertising with WFRN last week and has signed this petition. They have been removed from the recipient list. Thank you, AMBS, for standing with us!

* Update (11/15): Goshen Plumbing and Heating has discontinued advertising with WFRN as of Sunday. They have been removed from the recipient list. Thank you, GPH, for standing with us!  Please know that GPH indicated that they were getting many emails from out of state. We will be sending the csv file that has the list of Goshen and surrounding area signers to them along with our thank you.

Sign the petition

Please add your name to this petition to send the message that you reject the intentional dividing of our community and will not accept any further ‘targeting’ for whatever reason.

Personalize your statement

Do you have a personal connection to the organizations listed above? Do you shop at Martins Super Markets? Do you live at or have a family member at Greencroft? Do you have an account at Interra? Do you own a business locally?

Please mention any affiliations that you have with current WFRN advertisers and the Goshen Community at large in your email signature. Doug Moore, WFRN’s station manager, has openly dismissed signers of a previous petition by characterizing us as ‘a handful of people’ and ‘organizers from California’ (Goshen News, Nov 12, 2011). Let their advertisers know that you are a living, breathing member of our community and what their company’s dollars support is important to you.

Please also THANK the companies for standing with us. They likely do not want to get involved in a political debate and they are trying to balance their advertising needs and their customers values.

Share with others

After you have signed and sent the petition, you will be prompted to ‘share’ it. We encourage you to send a note to 5, 10 or 100 friends explaining why you support this effort and how much their support would mean. Encourage them to do the same with their friends! For even more exposure, post a link to the petition on your personal Facebook page and any page of which you are an administrator. Please focus on sharing with friends and family within the WFRN listening area or with contacts that are invested in our community’s reputation.

If the links above do not work, please copy and paste these addresses into your browser:

For audio clip of WFRN's 'news' ad: http://tinyurl.com/6qnre9n or  http://soundcloud.com/goshguy-1/wfrn-fm-trans-gender-political

For contact information for WFRN advertisers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aj-0BnqD-SP_dHFmRDV5elpmZHRROGtxVXVjaklTaVE#gid=0

For the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/ask-local-businesses-to-withdraw-their-associations-from-wfrn

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 250 signatures
    2. Response to "Goshen Business Owner" Comment

      Dear "Goshen Business Owner",

      I’m sorry that you were not able (willing?) to talk to me face to face yesterday when I stopped by your business. I wanted to tell you that I had heard you have concerns about being listed on this petition and I was hoping to discuss those concerns with you. I am shocked that you found it necessary to contact our local representatives, instead of talking to ME when I was right there, open to listen to your concerns.

      Please understand that there are NO politicians (current or candidates) involved in the writing of this petition. We are a committee of concerned residents who care very much for the sustainability of our local businesses – you included – and did not intend to harm your business in anyway.

    3. Response, continued.

      We completely understand that businesses such as yours are already having a difficult time in this economy and, especially for a small business, asking you to withdraw your advertising with anyone is harder than it would be for a larger business with more stability. However, the emails you are receiving from signers of this petition are your customers, your neighbors, your fellow Goshen-ites and others who care very deeply for the reputation of Goshen. We are offended, and hope that you are, too, by the way WFRN mis-used its power to try to sway our election.

      Many of us have contacted WFRN and Doug Moore directly and have only been met with complete disregard and disrespect. Therefore, we are asking businesses (who are apparently the only ones Mr. Moore will listen to) to speak for us.

    4. Response, continued.

      If you are unable to withdraw your associations with WFRN, I wonder if you could at least voice concern to them on behalf of your customer base that their political bullying is shameful from a local news source.

      We are *not* trying to encourage a boycott of your business for your action or inaction. This has been stated throughout our petition. However, there are 220+ signers so far who are asking you to please take a stand against unethical reporting. The "news" ad negatively affected the reputation of our town, which includes your business.

      Please know that we welcome having a conversation with you and hope that you will contact us again. Thank you!


    5. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Jennifer Schrock GOSHEN, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      I am ashamed of the hostile attitude that ads on WFRN have expressed toward gay and lesbian people. I am disturbed by information in these ads that was blatantly untrue and politically motivated.

      My family has business relationships with the following advertisers: AMBS, Matterns Deli, Interra Credit Union, Martins Super Markets and Menards.

    • Jennifer Quick OSCEOLA, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      Bigotry is not acceptable. Lying to promote bigotry - need I say more?

    • Kim Blaha GOSHEN, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      I am tired of the Christian right pushing their political agenda through lies, fear-mongering, and hate. I hesitate to call myself a Christian when doing so allies me with the kind of witness portrayed by groups such as WFRN.

    • Mike Puro GOSHEN, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      I do business with virtually every business on the list of local WFRN advertisers. I will be sending each of those businesses a letter asking for a response to the following: Does your firm agree with the "news story" run by WFRN regarding the Goshen election? Have your discussed your concerns with the management of WFRN? Have you withdrawn your association with WFRN? If not would you please explain to me why you feel it is important to continue advertising with WFRN as my decision to continue to do business with your firm will be based upon your explanation. Mike Puro former mayor of Goshen.

    • Jon Hunsberger MUNCIE, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      I was born and raised in Goshen, and chose to begin my family there. I grew up listening to WFRN, and have many family members in the Goshen area who still listen to WFRN (though no longer listen after the recent stunt). My family and me are appalled by the recent behavior of WFRN, both on the radio and on Facebook. I expect more from a Christian radio station. If WFRN goes unchecked in regards to ethical journalistic practices, the Goshen community is at risk to be manipulated by divisive and disingenuous practices.

      Note: I am currently attending school in Muncie, IN, and my family plans to return to Goshen upon graduation.


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