Ask Boston To Restore Funding For Badly Needed Community Centers
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Ask Boston To Restore Funding For Badly Needed Community Centers

    1. Edward S. Gault
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      Edward S. Gault

      Berlin, MA

This action is in response to the July 1 closing of badly needed community centers in some of Boston's most troubled areas. They were a place children could go to after school for recreation, and offered an alternative to the crime scene in their neighborhoods.These children need guidance in dealing with peer pressure, conflict management, violence, responsibility, respect, and gender roles.The concern is that the consolidation of remaining community centers will result in further alienation as youngsters feel cut off from their own community, and could fuel tensions as they are placed in programs where they feel threatened.
One shining example of a successful program is the Red Auerbach Future Stars Sports and Leadership Summer Program in Dorchester. While this is a stellar program, children also need counseling services, libraries, art, and music programs as well.
   I understand that funding is tight, but our young people -at risk or not- should be seen as an investment, not an expenditure!

I would like to reccomend the excellent article on the Red Auerbach Program by Taisha Sturdivant in the Boston Globe Boston Needs More Safe Havens for Kids  8/17/'10. This action was inspired by that article, and I would like to Thank and give full credit to Taisha for it.

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    • Aaron Goodman SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      The SFSU-CSU Masterplan and Parkmerced "vision" projects stole all the community space of the tenants in Parkmerced, therefore they cannot "meet" to oppose the development, and kids are left with terrible playground replacement efforts by a developer. See the petition on Parkmerced, and essential housing in SF.... send a link to your community on bi-coastal issues on development in urban areas.


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