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Johnson Toribiong
Palau Conservation Society
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Belau Tourism Association
Palau Visitors Authority

An Appeal to President Toribiong to Veto SB No. 8-56

    1. Catherine Teng
    2. Petition by

      Catherine Teng

      Singapore, Singapore

Senate Bill No. 8-56 was fully passed by the Palau's Congress (the Olbiil Era Kelulau) and was sent to the President on November 12th.

The bill allows open seasons for the taking and selling of Humphead (Napoleon) wrasse, Bumphead parrotfish, and grouper. If not vetoed within 15 days from that date (by November 26th), SB No. 8-56 will emerge as law.

Please send an Appeal to Palau's President Toribiong to Veto SB No. 8-56

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