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Stop All Shark Finning
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American Government

Stop All Shark Finning

    1. Sydney Lindquist
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      Sydney Lindquist

      Monterey, CA

Sharks are an important part of the ecosystem. If we don't try to stop shark finning many major species of sharks may soon go extinct. We kill about 72 million a year from shark finning alone so we need to get our American government to start banning unethical practices such as removing an animals fins and leaving them to starve, bleed out, or suffocate. After all, isn't our 8th ammendment, "No cruel and unusual punishment"?

American Government
Stop All Shark Finning

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    • Shirley Holman KINGSTON, ON, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      Shark finning is extremely cruel and totally unsustainable! Sharks are vital. PROTECT THEM!


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