American Assoc. of Community Colleges: Denounce Discriminatory Tuition Hikes, Harassment of Students
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American Assoc. of Community Colleges: Denounce Discriminatory Tuition Hikes, Harassment of Students

    1. carmen cornejo
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      carmen cornejo

      Phoenix, AZ

Arizona's largest community college system recently announced a 230% tuition hike for out-of-state students - an attempt to keep undocumented students from getting an education in a way that will affect citizens, people who have just moved to Arizona, and immigrants in the process of getting their legal status. 

Their interpretation is also affecting student members of Latino clubs. Students have been told they may not be able to participate in trips to an upcoming leadership camp "because the use of the bus to transport them is not available to undocumented students," and administrators may probe into the students' immigration status and take over club scholarship funds.

The Maricopa County Community College system's misinterpretation of HB2008, a vague state law barring state benefits to undocumented people, is also an attempt to report to DHS and ICE  the immigration status of the students registering, and threaten jail time for the administrative personnel who do not comply.

Not only does this mean all Latinos and people of color will have their immigration statuses overscrutinized - the MCCC will actually lose money. The more than 8,000 people currently enrolled as "out-of-state" students will likely drop out. The system is throwing away money to restructure many programs and processes in order to implement a flawed  and discriminatory policy.

Tell the American Association of Community Colleges - which supports education for all -  to speak out against Maricopa County Community College's discriminatory 230% tuition hike and the move to report the immigration status of its students.


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    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      Is quality education, and higher education going to be eventually only for the rich? This appears to be a first step, one that would sell with many Arizona voters. But, in the next round, there may "need" to be a tuition hike for Arizona residents?

      Unions deal with much the same thing when corporations suggest a two tier system for wages and benefits. Often the more senior workers figure that it won't affect them, so vote for the contract. But, then they often later find themselves being brought up on bogus charges leading to dismissal when the real reason for their termination is that they have become too expensive.

      So, don't sell your brothers and sisters down the river, because they are new residents or new workers. Remember that the rich and large corporations and their government puppets often only care about money and that you could be next...?

    • David Rubi SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • about 3 years ago

      The administration of the Maricopa Community Colleges says that they had to do this tuition hike because it's the law. Nobody was following it. Why? Because it was discriminatory. But I guess Maricopa's "leaders" wanted to be the first to give teeth to a racist law--which, by the way, was only just recently passed by the notoriously racist anti-Hispanic Arizona State Senator, Russell Pearce. Well, it may be the law, but some laws are wrong, some laws are immoral and some laws violate inalienable human rights. It was illegal to take slaves up north to be free at one time; real human beings did it anyway. Hitler made laws to violate the rights of Jews. People who violated those laws to help Jews did the right thing, even if it was against the law.


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