Al Gore: Speak Out Against Apple's Treatment of Workers
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Apple Board Member, Former U.S. Vice President
Al Gore

Al Gore: Speak Out Against Apple's Treatment of Workers

    1. Jess Kutch
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      Jess Kutch

      Washington, DC

Al Gore sits on Apple's Board of Directors, and is a known voice for human rights and environmental protections across the world.

Recently, the New York Times reported on the deplorable conditions for workers in Apple's supply chain factories. One current Apple executive told the New York Times: "You can either manufacture in comfortable, worker-friendly factories," he said, or you can "make it better and faster and cheaper, which requires factories that seem harsh by American standards. And right now, customers care more about a new iPhone than working conditions in China."

Wrong. Apple customers care deeply that their iPads are assembled in factories where workers threaten suicide in order to receive pay. We care that our iPhones are made by people working 16-hour shifts, often for 13 consecutive days,

Who has the power to change this? Well, we do, and so does Apple's Board of Directors. That's why we're calling on Al Gore to break his silence on Foxconn. His support of workers' rights in Foxconn factories can force Apple to do the right thing and fix its supply chain problems.

It's time for former U.S. Vice President Al Gore to take a stand for the people who make our iPads, iPhones and iPods. Please, Mr. Gore, use the power of your Board position to speak out publicly against Apple's treatment of factory workers, and to work as a board member to solve this human rights crisis.

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      • over 2 years ago

      I am an Apple customer (with a MacBook and ipod). I want Apple to know that to presume upon the ethical negligence of their customers is wrong. We care about human rights and demand a higher standard for workers. This would, in turn, be rewarded by the renewed faith of customers currently turning away from Apple.


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