Affirm that Americans DO want Health Care Reform!
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Affirm that Americans DO want Health Care Reform!

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      Mary Adkins

      Greenville, SC

"A federal judge in Pensacola, Fla., ruled that the entire
health care overhaul enacted last year was void because one
provision, requiring nearly all Americans to obtain health
insurance, was unconstitutional."

-New York Times, breaking news updates, Jan. 31, 2011


At this historic moment, the American people must show our leaders that we want real health care reform so that all have access to basic care because we believe it is a basic human right. Economic analysts also tell us that it will lower the budget deficit.

Sign this petition to affirm that the will of the American people is that real and meaningful healthcare reform take place under this administration.

Let's get the message out BEFORE the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act comes before the Supreme Court to build political momentum!

And should the Supreme Court rule, as judges have in Virginia and Florida, that the Commerce Clause of the Constitution prevents the government from mandating the public to buy a private good (in this case, basic health insurance), we will need one of two things:

1. A Constitutional Amendment


2. A new health care bill with the public option, not an individual mandate.

Tell Congress and the President to ensure meaningful health care reform by 2012!

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    • Margaret R HAZEL GREEN, AL
      • over 3 years ago

      We can work it out but we need health care for all Americans. Both sides need to work together for the people.


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