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Post the video of “The Great Debate”

    1. Kyle VanderBeek
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      Kyle VanderBeek

      San Francisco, CA

October 2013


After more than a hundred signatures and a fair amount of pressure via Facebook, email, and Twitter, ACC has posted the video of "The Great Debate".

Thank you to everyone who participated in the effort. And to the leadership team at Adventure Christian Church, thanks for bringing this interesting component of the ongoing dialogue between secularism and faith to the Internet.

Update: We won! ACC has posted a response and the video!

Original text follows:

On October 12, 2013 Adventure Christian Church hosted a debate between Dr. David Marshall, founder of the Kuai Mu Institute for Christianity and World Cultures and Dr. Phil Zuckerman, Professor of Sociology at Pitzer College and author of numerous books on humanism and secularism. Titled "The Great Debate", the question at hand as “What provides a better foundation for civil society: Christianity or Secular Humanism?”

Sounds interesting, right?

Unfortunately, those of us not able to attend in person will never know since the church has apparently refused to post the video. This, despite promising both verbally and in writing to do so.

This is unconscionable. The point of debate is to take on issues that are controversial, open the conversation, and digest the outcome. In the digital age it is possible for many people to participate in this form of intellectual pursuit by viewing debates like this even when they’re not able to attend. Today, online video is an important part of the conversation and the church is suppressing it.

What’s more, Adventure Church has used their video presence to respond to several points from the debate in isolation. They’ve taken the time to record, edit, and upload 3 videos responding to particular arguments presented in the debate without posting the debate itself. The church is abusing their power as possessors of the video footage and transforming and open debate into a one-sided non-conversation.

Let's ask the church to post the video so that all of us on both sides of the debate can watch, enjoy, and learn. Please sign and share, and keep sharing until the church posts the complete video on their Vimeo page as promised.


Adventure Christian Church
Kuai Mu Institute for Christianity and World Cultures
Post the video of “The Great Debate”

On October 12, 2013 your church hosted a debate between Dr. David Marshall and Dr. Phil Zuckerman. You announced your intention to post the video of the debate, both in writing and verbally.
We ask that you honor that promise and post the complete video so that all can watch, enjoy, and learn.

[Your name]

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    Oct 21, 2013

    Church refuses to post debate: “What provides better foundation for civil society Christianity or Secular Humanism?” https://t.co/sd1rfLDNsc

    Amy Davis Roth


    Oct 21, 2013

    http://t.co/Y6364Lwzy2 This church hosted a debate and now refuses to post the video because it makes them look bad. You know what to do.

    Adam Lee

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