Help and Protect Rosetta Burkett from  reapeted rape and abuse
  • Petitioned Adult Protective Services 2400 Lincoln Boulevard, OKC,Ok73105

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Adult Protective Services 2400 Lincoln Boulevard, OKC,Ok73105

Help and Protect Rosetta Burkett from reapeted rape and abuse

    1. yvonne adcok
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      yvonne adcok

      caledonia, MS

Because Rosetta Burkett is both Mentally and Physacally Handicapped and therefore unable to make sound decisions concerning whats good and healthy for her and her unborn child. She is currently walking the the streets addicted to drugs a known prostitite receiving a SSI check that is being taken and spent by her brother, her former home condemned and borded up so she is at this time homeless. I employ APS to act on Rosetta Burketts behaft to help her to place her in a forced rehab facility since she is incapable of making these desicions herself. Then helping her with either a group home setting or placing her some where she will not return to the streets of prostitution to be continually raped abused and impregnated while being fed drugs. She doesn't have the mental copacity to say no. While she may appear stubborn and uncooperative she is fighting for the survival of the only lifestyle she has ever known. With the mind of a child help has to be given to her wanted or not Social Security has already deemed her mentally disabled therefore she has to be treated as such and not treated with rights as an adult but treated and protected as a child. Therefore as a society APS must do what is best for her and her unborn child not what she wants, she is incapable of making those decisions. Thank you.

Adult Protective Services 2400 Lincoln Boulevard, OKC,Ok73105
Help and Protect Rosetta Burkett from reapeted rape and abuse

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    • cecil tenney DALLAS, TX
      • 7 months ago

      my name is cecil tenney and I am rosetta fiancee for the last six month and she is pregnet wiht our unborn child and I am fully aware of her disabilties as well what she has been through from being molested by her father what her cusin did to her frost care parents they was just as bad how she grew up caring bruises when she went to shool everyboby gave up on her since we been togather and more I learned about Rosetta more my heart poured out for her at night she would wake up with night mares of beatings she has taken through her childhood and as well her adult life when at times she would breakdown in tears because of her kids being taking away she has always ask if we can get her childen back and give them my name but she can't understand the facts of realty but if our unborn get's taken that will distroy her I am capable taking care of her and our unborn so plaese contact me at 214-881-0497 and please tellher I love her and miss her very much ./

    • Cecil Tenney DALLAS, TX
      • 7 months ago

      She is my fiance and is pregnant with my unborn child. I would like to get contact with her. Please let her contact me! (214) 881-0497. Tell her I love her and I miss her.

      She will always be in my heart, could you please let her contact me as soon as possible!.

      Thank You

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago

      "Across the world women are joining hands in solidarity and support, in a global women?s movement, sharing knowledge and experience and empowering themselves to build a peaceful and fairer world."

      -- Marilee Karl

    • Karen Brooks OKC, OK
      • about 1 year ago


    • Nicole Warren EDMOND, OK
      • over 1 year ago

      I have taken the time to read this story. I have taken a moment of my day on several occasions to watch the video footage of this woman on the streets of our community. I have allowed compassion to overcome my ego and make me feel pathetic for not knowing what to do for her. I'm thankful for those who do know the right actions to take and for having the courage and drive to turn ideas and sorrow into action. I'm writing this because every single person that is aware of this situation has an obligation from the moment of awareness on to sign this petition and at very least, pray for this woman. I'm simply doing what is absolutely right, nothing more.


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