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Adoptees: Fight for the right to your own identity in Illinois!

    1. Ann Wilmer
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      Ann Wilmer

      Salisbury, MD

Adoptee Rights are Human Rights. Help us defeat a bill before the Illinois legislature that will further restruct adoptee rights.

This is about identity. The basic right of all Americans, and especially adult adoptees in Illinois, to enjoy the same basic civil rights as any other state resident.

If anyone else's birth certificate were stolen, lawmakers would be up in arms. But if it's an adoptee, too many are content to look the other way. They don't get it. This is about identity!

Adoptees are parties to a contract they did not sign, and most were not even old enough to read. Current law in most states continues to treat adoptees as children in perpetuity long after they reach adulthood. Although they were party to a legal proceeding that forever altered the course of their life as children, they cannot even examine the documents as adults. Adult adoptees seek restoration of a right every other American takes for granted, unrestricted access to the public document that recorded their birth, unaltered and unredacted.

It is simply a matter of basic human rights. Give us back our original identity! Urge your legislators to vote against HB5428. Sign and send the letter below.

This petition was created before HB5428 was passed out of the House. This vote was scheduled for March 23 but on March 22, the legislative website was updated to indicate that the vote had been taken on March 18 instead. Bi surprise that no adoptee rights groups were invited to testify before the House committee considering the bill.

The bill is scheduled to be introduced into the Senate on March 23. Please write and please call your state senator if you live in Illinois.


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