make public the  information regarding sanitation arrangements in Gurgaon
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make public the information regarding sanitation arrangements in Gurgaon

    1. Priya VK Singh
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      Priya VK Singh

      Gurgaon, India

September 2012


From Priya VK Singh: Today, a new link (sanitation arrangements, Gurgaon) has been uploaded on the HUDA website, which contains a very large part of the information we had sought.

From inception to completion, this has been a short, satisfying journey!

1. The responsibility of getting the roads and streets swept, and garbage collected and disposed of is distributed betweenHUDA and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) . While the jurisdiction of MCG mainly includes the rural habitations that dot Gurgaon, the rest of Gurgaon falls within the HUDA jurisdiction. MCG has a website that clearly spells out its jurisdiction, HUDA does not. That is, HUDA makes no attempt to inform the citizens of Gurgaon as to which sectors/neighbourhoods fall within its jurisdiction so far as sanitation is concerned.

2. ALL work related to sweeping/cleaning of roads and collection/disposal of garbage has been outsourced by bothHUDA and MCG . In the case of MCG, all information regarding the organisations to which such work has been awarded, as well as a copy of the contract, is available on the website. No such information is available for HUDA.

3. If the contactor does not satisfactorily discharge his duties, and a citizen lodges an online complaint on the MCG website, the contractor is bound by the contract to take remedial action within a stipulated time period, or face a deduction in the amount paid to him. For HUDA, there is no such facility for registering complaints.

4. So, if a citizen wishes that HUDA would take action regarding a particular road/street not having been swept, or gabage not having been removed from a particular spot, he has NO information regarding whom to complain to, and within what period to expect a response. 

5. If we want, as conscientious citizens, to get a cleaner  Gurgaon, we FIRST have to ensure that all the relevant information is easily available, especially on a website.

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    1. HUDA expenditure on sanitation

      Priya VK Singh
      Petition Organizer

      Believe it or not, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) spends nearly Rs 1 lakh every day on sanitation and cleaning of just one half of the city.

      In an RTI reply, HUDA has revealed that in last financial year, Rs 3.57 crore was spent on sanitation in colonies under the jurisdiction of Estate Office One (EO-I). HUDA has divided the entire city into two estate offices for administrative purposes. The EO-I covers Sectors 4, 5, 7, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22 and 23.. The total sanitation expenditure could be nearly double for the entire city.

      The RTI application seeking expenditure on sanitation of filed by Raman Sharma, a resident of Malibu Towne.

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    • Vineet Saigal GURGAON, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is a must for any community to progress.

    • anubha mohan GURGAON, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      because i want a cleaner environment.

    • Vijay Pahwa GURGAON, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It affects me!!

    • ila gupta GURGAON, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      We should have RTI. As residents of the city its our moral responsibility to make efforts towards making Gurgaon a better place to live. We can make a difference only when we know what is done and where our help can improve things in the city.

    • inder jit singh NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      i work there


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