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ACT: Target U.S. Bank - HLS Lender Lets Lab Keep Killing
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ACT: Target U.S. Bank - HLS Lender Lets Lab Keep Killing

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US Bank loan lets HLS kill more animals. Huntingdon Life Sciences faced financial ruin. But US Bank's $120 million loan kept them open to poison dogs, cats, monkeys and more animals in tests for pesticides, sweeteners, diet pills... So today animals still collapsed, frothing at the mouth. Dogs who didn't get enough anesthesia "whimpered and moved" while cut apart.

US Bank is currently Huntingdon's top debt-relief source. Though made aware of 7 investigations that reveal habitual animal abuse and fraudulent science, the bank approved this mega loan. Apparently US Bancorp doesn't see animal cruelty as reason to blacklist a company, as it does with illegal gun sellers, gambling websites, etc. Like hundreds of other firms that dumped HLS, US Bank has access to footage and documents about techs who punch beagle puppies, dissect live animals, falsify data and botch experiments so badly that animals seize and die on the spot.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty UK launched a global campaign in 1999, with unified U.S. action a few years later. Anti-HLS efforts target the lab's infrastructure: Financiers, customers and suppliers are strongly urged to dump HLS in ongoing letter/phone/email campaigns and live protests. Any company with ties to HLS is exposed to evidence of animal abuse. While HLS has teetered on the edge of shutdown, straddled with a $100 million debt, some financier always seems to bail them out. Ask US Bank to end its association with HLS and terminate the current loan agreement.

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    • Loretta Elias CRUM CREEK, NY
      • 7 days ago

      I don't buy products that are animal tested and I hope if you are reading this you won't too.

      • 9 days ago

      Stop animal abuse cruelty against

      helpless animals.

    • d b PRESTON, PR
      • 12 days ago

      curses on all people who harm or kill a animal

    • Carmen Baez HARTFORD, CT
      • 12 days ago

      Because I care about animals

    • Monique Pouchet Grondin MEXICO, MEXICO
      • 12 days ago

      this is a crime!


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