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Abolish the current Federal Income Tax System

    1. Thomas Cox
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      Thomas Cox

      Hollywood, FL

The current income tax system is inadequate, unfair and corrupt. It encourages taxpayers to lie, cheat and steal.  It is time to Abolish it.

General revenues could still be generated by switching to a simple system that taxes money, but only when it moves.

We already collect taxes on every retail purchase and the American people accept this. We can expand this to cover every transaction, not just retail. Every time a transaction takes place through our illustrious banking system we will take a small percent in the way of tax. Every time, except to or from the government. The banks already handle this type of transaction every day and can easily implement this program.

Cash transactions would NOT be taxed, as they are outside of the banking system.

Every year, Congress could establish a new rate for the year, based on spending needs and the presidents budget.

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    • David Scott HOT SPRINGS, AR
      • 6 months ago

      Way past time to eliminate the IRS

    • Mark Suarez WINNETKA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Taking into consideration that costs of living vary by region, a federal income tax is a regressive burden on individuals and families who live and work in high cost regions like the state of California. At the very least automatic deductions should like FICA should be eliminated.


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