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Petition Update
Apr 15, 2014

5000 Signatures, and still no action from Woolworths

When woolworths heard their government relations manager donated a chaff bag jacket -- a sick reference to Alan Jones' remark about throwing the PM out to sea in one -- they actually thought they could get away with doing nothing. But in a couple of days, 5,000 of us are proving them wrong Hundreds of you have also posted on Woolworths' Facebook page. Thank you. I know it's helping get the message through to them that having someone in a management position who condones Alan Jones' bullying and hatred is unacceptable. They're likely to pay even more attention to real customers calling in, so i'm asking everyone i know to help me call them and put the pressure on -- can you help? The number to call is 1300 767 969. It'll only take a moment - but if all of us call in as well, they'll be forced to recognise that they risk losing thousands of customers if they don't join us in standing against Alan Jones' bullying and hatred. Thanks a lot for all your help! And did you see that the

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