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Apr 18, 2014

Ranked #1 Join Stop Bullying International Coalition www.XBullied.com

We can stop Bullying, but only if we become a STRONG FORCE. 100 people in one website, 500 in a local organization, or a few 1,000s in Facebook do not represent that force. Keep fighting bullying the way you do now, but add your project/your website here. When millions join us; authorities, legislators and governments will listen to our voice. Something BIG has to be done, not by individuals, but by a great Coalition. This is an Inclusive concept that incorporates ALL anti-bullying websites, campaigns, projects, efforts and participants in every country, and in every school. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Join Us Now! www.XBullied.com Thank you Michelle Coxx Co-Founder - Vice President coxxranch@aol.com

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