Force Zynga to re-instate the Troop Stim on Omega units in the game Empires and Allies

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Zynga have taken away the power to use troop stim on Omega units in the game Empires and Allies. People have literally built their accounts to suit this feature, they have spent months and even years solidly building their Viper units up to level 15.

The use of Troop Stim in conjunction with the Barrage attack was the only hope for some people to take out bigger bases in wars. Zynga have just made the game easy for people at the top end with high level bases; affording them protection from anyone who doesn't spend money on boosts such as Alpha Units and sometimes even from those with these boosts. 

They say this is to balance the game but in reality all they have done is made it worse and highly unbalanced.


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