Zwar park public tap (Preston)

Zwar park public tap (Preston)

9 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Costa

Zwar park is in desperate need of a water tap. 
For the adults, children and four legged friends that use 
this park on a daily basis. 

The community as a whole love this park and are just seeking 
adequate facilities so we can continue to use and enjoy it. 

A number of pet owners have spoken to local council and have been denied 
so this is where we need your help to show the council just how important 
a water tap at Zwar park would be. 

All who uses this park or any Preston community minded individuals
that want to see actionable change from our council please sign this petition
and help us continue to make Preston a more community minded place. 

Cr Susanne Newton is coming to meet residents on Saturday morning from 9-9.30 so if you're free please bring yourself and your four legged friends. 

Much love xx 

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Signatures: 72Next goal: 100
Support now