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Dafina Fazliu Kamberi, an albanian woman, has bled to death, while she was giving birth to her first child. After calling for help because of breathlessness, no nurses or doctors came to check or even tried to help. This scenario took place in a hospital in Nish. 

background information: 

Dafina was an Albanian woman from Presheva, a city in Serbia with a majority of Albanian habitants. This city is neglected from the Serbian government and there is no hospital nearby for Albanians to be treated in their language. They are forced to be treated in other Serbian cities, where they are often not taken seriously, treated badly etc.!! 

WHAT WE WANT: 1) this case should be legally initiated and prevent further cases like this!!

2) also the family shouldnt have to pay the costs for all of this OR should receive a refund!!

all people should be treated the same in a hospital!!! there is no way that someone has to die, just because of his race, religion, skin colour etc.!!!

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