Stop live features on Social networks such as FB

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People are taking advantage of the live streaming on social media to get attention and perform horrible and heartless acts.  Yesterday, An elderly man named Robert Godwin of Cleveland,  was randomly shot while walking home from a family Easter dinner.  Last week, 13 year old Malachi Hemphill was featured on a live stream playing with a gun and shot himself. There are countless acts like this happening every week.  I feel like the live feature is being used in the wrong way, and more importantly promoting the desensitizing and lack of empathy for people. It also is an outlet for the people that are upset, depressed, or deranged to seek the attention they are lacking in their life. Therefore, they look for the attention on Live streaming, as a result people get hurt and even killed most of the time.  As for the innocent victims with accidental unfortunate deaths, although no fault of their own, I feel like their deaths are being shared for entertainment purposes.   Yes there is still YOUTube, and other Social Platforms that use Live features, but we need to start somewhere. Facebook is one of the top social media platforms, and that is why I'm asking if it could start with you. I feel like if this feature was eliminated, it would decrease the amount gruesome heartless videos shared, as well as stopping others of being inspired to do the same harmless and hateful acts.   Please take this live feature off, as some of us humans take a good thing, and turn it into something horrible.    

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