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On-Campus Playground

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Proposition: Cornell University should support the construction of a student-designed playground on the Engineering Quad.

I'd like to outline the benefits that can be achieved from creating such a playground:

1) Having students design the playground would showcase their creativity and innovation on a public platform and encourage other organizations to invest in our buildings and programs.  When visitors from across the country tour our school, they will have something unique that sticks in their minds - no other university in America has anything comparable.

2) Would provide alternative source of recreation for those who are disappointed with their drug or alcohol abuse.

3)  Don't you ever wish that you could speed down a slide or simulate the feeling of flying when you hop on a swing? Why should playgrounds and recess stop after elementary school? Several studies have shown that play and exercise are among the best ways to learn more efficiently, reduce stress, and operate at your full potential. 

3.5) I believe that to be a successful student, one must engage all areas of their brain. When you're sitting at Duffield staring at a computer screen, I feel like a part of you just dies. Having a playground right on the quad would be an easy way for all students, especially engineers, to engage their inner-child so that they can return to their work fully recharged and ready to attack.

4) Not only would engineers enjoy using the playground, but the playground itself would serve as a point of pride for the Cornell student body.  When a Cornell student walks by, they would be able to marvel at their or a peer's creation.  The result is a hearty "Hey, I built that!" or a "Wow, look at that!... I'm proud to be here."

I hope that you will take these factors into consideration when deciding whether or not to sign this petition.


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