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ESO: Petition To Keep Players Permabanned for Participating in an in-game KKK Rally

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On April 24th, 12 members of the Majeeka guild were permanently banned for  "participating in a KKK rally in-game." A different petition is circulating calling it an "alleged" KKK Rally and asking ESO to not let them back into the game........but if you watch the video there is nothing alleged about it.

What is not mentioned in the other petition, is that some of these members participated in a similar event on Holocaust Remembrance Day and received a warning from ESO/ZOS at that time for their behavior that they would be banned if it happened again.

This time, the players are saying that while they agree that their actions "looked shady" it was not their intention to look that way. take a look at the picture and judge for yourself:

White hoods and robes, surround black player, while some are holding torches

Here is the video clip... watch how the players in the white robes circle the players dressed in all black and what happens to them. Nobody needs to convince anyone that this was intentional, the video says it all:

Video Clip

When a group of players in a white robe, circle a player dressed in all black, some of them holding torches, and then the player in black falls over dead...... that is not something that "looked shady" it is acting out a lynching of a black person by the KKK. Period.

Keep in mind that the players acted this out in Belkarth, in front of everyone. It is not like it happened in one of their homes or out in them middle of nowhere. This was conducted in full public view, with the intent that the public see what they were doing.

 This petition is to keep those players permanently banned from ESO. Racism exists in the world, but it does not and should not be tolerated in a game that many people use to escape the stress of everyday life. If someone is dumb enough to do something like this, intentionally doing it in public view, then they deserved to be forever banned. It doesn't matter who the player is or what their accomplishments are in game.

Sign this petition if you feel that acting out violence int he name of racism, such as an in-game lynching of a black man, is wrong and the ban of these players should be upheld.

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