Petition to Re-issue the New World Zorro DVD box set

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The 1990 New World Zorro television series was seen by over 40 million people in 29 countries. We fans feel this is more than just an old TV series, it’s a moral compass, underlining loyalty, compassion, courage, and honor, and a place to escape from an often frightening world. The writing, acting, characters and production values are excellent. It's an action show without excessive violence, a great romance without explicit sex, and a reinforcement that Might is not Right. In short, a unique classic that we badly need to be able to watch today.                         

NWZ Duncan Regehr, a gracious man who embodies good manners and class, still has a large and loyal following. Fans travel literally thousands of miles to meet him at his appearances.  As the DVDs become scarce, those new to the series may not be able to buy a set. Fans watch the series repeatedly. If our DVDs get damaged we can’t replace them. We, the fans of The New World Zorro, ask that you please reissue this amazing, unique TV series, with the bonus disc so that old and new fans can continue to enjoy all that this series offers.