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ZooCheck Canada must undertake a thorough investigation of this sanctuary: The welfare of the animals at Story Book Farm must be investigated.

This Petition is for people who share a real concern about the monkeys' living conditions at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ontario, Canada.

We all were amused by the story of Darwin "the Ikea" Monkey's adventurous escape which became an international news story in December 2012. Monkeys are not illegal in Canada and there are monkeys living at zoos, sanctuaries, and with private owners in Ontario. If Darwin had ended up being sent by Toronto Animal Services to live at the Toronto Zoo or some other lovely place, it would not have effected us as much. Being concerned pet owners ourselves, we all checked out the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary website and were immediately shocked and saddened by the photos of the monkeys in the small, rusted, dirty cages made out of a mish mash of building materials with no care or thought made into the construction of their enclosures. 24 monkeys in a barn! Please watch the slideshow above and sign if you agree with us and want these innocent monkeys to be relocated to wonderful homes.

To see a behind the scenes video that a visitor took at the sanctuary, please click the link below. Thank you!

Letter to
ZooCheck Canada Rob Laidlaw
Good day, Zoocheck Canada & all who are concerned with the health and welfare of animals.

A non-human primate popularly known as the “Ikea Monkey” was placed in the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, located in Sunderland, Ontario, in December 2012. Other non-human primates held captive at the sanctuary also include; baboons, macaques, capuchin monkeys, lemurs, marmosets and spider monkeys.

We, the undersigned of this petition, are deeply concerned about the photographs, videos and other correspondence that has been posted on the internet showing the living conditions that animals are held in at this sanctuary, and have been brought to the attention of the media.

We believe that the welfare of these animals must be investigated at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary as soon as possible. The general public is not allowed to see the animals kept there in person.

We would like to know how this facility recently received a license to operate (even though it had done so for over a decade without a license), and how Story Book Farm can be considered a sanctuary in Canada when it appears to operate with standards that are far below those necessary for optimal health and welfare of the very animals it claims to "rescue".

ZooCheck Canada must immediately undertake a thorough investigation of this sanctuary.

At stake is the mental, physical and emotional well-being of 24 non-human primates which are complex animals with immense needs. In addition, we are concerned about the welfare of the goat, llama, horses, donkey, cats and dog that also reside at the sanctuary. We request that Zoocheck investigate and produce a report to identify and document the deficiencies at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary.

Our hope is that many of the non-human primates will be re-located to homes with acceptable standards of care, and that improvements will be made to the remaining animals’ living conditions at Story Book Farm. Better quality of building materials and actually following CAZA standards for animal housing is desired.

Thank you for your consideration, time and concern for the welfare of all animals in Canada.

We look forward to your response.

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