Preserve Bergenfield: 83 Hickory Petition Letter

Preserve Bergenfield: 83 Hickory Petition Letter

April 7, 2021
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Zoning Board, Bergenfield Residents
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Why this petition matters

This is a petition letter that speaks against the proposed building of Six (6) Town Homes at 83 Hickory (a 2 family sized lot). We would like your support to preserve Bergenfield and keep it suburban and safe. This letter will be sent to the Zoning Board as part of the residents opposition against this project.

This new construction would include between potentially 6-12 (?) parking spaces accessible only from Hickory Avenue.

We ask our surrounding home owners to join forces to stand up against this development. Our Bergenfield community of homeowners and taxpayers will continue to have rallies, marches, and use outreach resources to bring the town together on this matter. We adamantly oppose the building of these town houses.

This proposed building will create:

• Traffic congestion in an already established high volume, high speed, and accident prone area

•Stress on the already heavily loaded public NJ transit
• Will compromise the safety of students, families, and all pedestrians

• Stress on: electrical, sewage, road maintenance

•Overpopulation and stress an already tightly populated school system

•Diminished property values

• Will overload and stress our public services (EMT, police, DPW, and fire department)

•Bring potential tax increases

•The dawn of an Urban Bergenfield WE DON'T WANT

This proposal greatly affects a prominent area of our town. These proposed multifamily homes and apartments are just the beginning. It may not be near your home now or affect you now BUT IT WILL if nothing is done to protect YOUR town and neighbors NOW. Just imagine if this was being built next door to you.

This multifamily town house proposal will affect the quality of life of surrounding neighbors and residents, in one of the most diverse towns in Bergen County. There are many of us who remember a quieter older Bergenfield and many of us new who came here to escape the noise of the city for that quiet. 

If this proposed construction project is permitted, it will continue to set a precedent for all future proposed projects in residential zones.

Let’s get united and preserve Bergenfield!



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Signatures: 429Next Goal: 500
Support now