Provide Safe and Hassle free Journey to passengers travelling in Sleeper coach trains

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Problem :

Most of the people who are travelling in Sleeper coach might have experienced many times where unauthorized persons like Beggars, Sweepers Trans-genders and Local vendors entering into Sleeper coach and disturbing the passengers.

Many times I saw that passengers are getting disturbed and also abused by these category of people in case if they don't give what they demand and feeling insecure especially when trans-gender coming and demanding for Money. Most of the passengers with whom I have interacted while travelling in fact they have told me same thing which I have experienced during my journey in Train from Hyderabad to Bangalore or vice versa that they were being abused by trans-genders and also many times they go to bathrooms or climb upper birth in order to escape from their torture. And also, beggars and Sweepers are also entering the train and disturbing the fellow passenger from having peaceful journey.

 I see these categories of the people are not entering into AC coaches but only the people who are travelling in sleeper coach will have to undergo this trauma.


Right now, I could see few options to ensure the safety to the passengers. However, People you can go through also can support this cause.

1.  Railways can also put up same measures which they have taken for AC coaches.

2. All the local vendors should be issued identity card or pass so that only authorized vendors can sell their goods in the train

3. Govt needs to establish alternate plan to take care beggars, Sweepers and also trans-genders

4. Railway force needs to be deployed for every 2 sleeper coach.

I invite many more ideas or solutions for this issue from the people who reads my petition.