Unethical rule change by Zomato for Zomato Gold Memberships

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Zomato bagged a large number of Zomato Gold subscriptions on their promise to get a dish free for every membership holder sitting on a table of 2 or more. I purchased this last year, few months later my friend purchased it. Now not much later Zomato has unethically changed the rules and made the second membership holders membership invalid.

New Gold unlock rule for the number of people on the table are as follows

1-(0), 2-(1), 3-(1), 4-(2), 5-(2) and so on

While the earlier ones were :

1-(0), 2-(2), 3-(3), 4-(4), 5-(5) and so on. 

We the consumers feel cheated and request Zomato to think hard and display what kind values they stand for and ethics their company holds up to.