Give back the Zomato man his job

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There has been much outrage about the delivery man who was caught on camera eating a customer's food order. There is so much I want to say, and will try to be succinct here.
The delivery man was certainly wrong in doing what he did, and must be given a formal warning about his behaviour. However, it seems that the act of firing him from his job was all about pleasing the elitist, paying consumers of India, and in utter disregard of the following -
Stealing food is an act of desperation, not a fraudulent or unethical one. Here's a man who's possibly underpaid, overworked, does not get proper breaks and has expenses that sometimes cause him to go hungry. We as a society, and Zomato as an organisation have failed him, if he's had to steal the most basic necessity for himself. We don't know his circumstances, his financial obligations, and the needs of his loved ones. We don't know how much he is sacrificing to get by on a day-to-day basis.
Do the right thing Zomato, and take responsibility for his plight. It's so much easier to blame the man and fire him, isn't it? How about giving us some visibility into what you pay your delivery people, how you treat them, and what you hold them responsible for apart from delivering food? Such as, having to pay for late deliveries? Do you make the people at the bottom of your food chain pay for not being able to keep the promises made to your customers? Also, do you offer them minimum wage at all? Do you give bonuses? Do you incentivize good performance? Do they have a lunch allowance? Do you give them proper breaks from work and stand up for them when customers treat them like dirt? Or is all of that reserved for your corporate office employees? We'd like to know. 

What I really want at this stage is for the man to be given his job back, along with a formal warning. Also please don't reveal his name, or release a photo or identity. Let the man have his dignity. Also please take down the video from wherever you can. 

Looking forward to a positive response, thank you!