Wedding Media STEP UP & Commit to Anti-Racism

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Jordan Maney
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In my four years of running my own business in the wedding industry, I’ve realized how little major publications post black, and especially black queer, love stories. When we don’t see ourselves, the resounding message we hear is that we don’t matter; our love, our happiness, our joy, even our lives. It’s time to step up and say it with your chest.

I’m tasking our industry to do better by taking two steps:

1) Make a pledge of anti-racism: Post it on your social channels. Make it clear and succinct because your words have power. They can’t be my words. They can’t be a silly template that everyone will give you a pat on the back for trying. You need to use your words, your energy, and your time to make your pledge.  If I have to do it for you, it doesn’t mean a damn. If you have to make your black employees do this for you, it doesn’t mean a damn.

Make the time to do the work. Once you’ve posted the words, post a video of the head of your company giving their support and empathy. Say it with your chest. Make it available for people to find on your website.

2) Create an action plan: Three steps isn’t hard to commit to, is it? Of course not. Create at least a three step action plan on how your company is going to highlight and uplift black event professionals and submissions from black couples, ESPECIALLY black queer ones. Show us the same energy and empathy in our loving and living.

When it’s completed, post it. Prominently display it on your website, link to it in your linktrees on social, but let people know where they can find it. Let people interact with it and be willing to receive feedback on it. Add a deadline for when those items will be executed so people can hold you accountable.

You can do this. We need you to do this. If you want to call yourselves an ally, it's time to act like one. 

You can find more information at the the Step Up Pledge website here

Publications I’m Formally Requesting to Step Up: 


The Knot 

XO Group & The Knot Worldwide


Martha Stewart Weddings


Engage Summits 

Over The Moon 


Harper’s Bazaar  

Rock N Roll Brides Magazine

Green Wedding Shoes