STOP the wastage! Vet Nurses against the single-use packaging in Zoetis orders

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Hi Zoetis folks - we are the Vet Nurses that open the very light and large boxes that are filled with air-bags of plastic, cardboard, plastic wrapped cold bricks to find a little tiny box of Convenia / Revolution / Cerenia (hey, you know what you sell right?). As you would hopefully guess, we really care about ALL the creatures on our planet - including the ones that swim in our oceans that are currently choking and dying on plastic wastage.

WE STAND TOGETHER TO OFFICIALLY COMPLAIN about the current system you have in place for packaging your products. Maybe you might need a few thousand of us to come down and review your current product packaging system? We are more than happy to volunteer for this role - hit us up! We'd love to come down and boss you guys around and tell you how to improve this shamble that you currently have in place. We are super flexible - we can handle multiple dying patients, angry clients, stressed vets and a cranky St Bernard in the corner.

As you probably anticipated, this online ordering requires an "adjustment period" of which we are more than happy to accommodate. However, if you continue to make a complete joke of throwing in 5+ pieces of NON-BIODEGRADABLE plastic in our orders, we will choose to stomp our feet and make a heck of a lot more noise about the big companies that have zero accountability for their environmental impact.

Change your game :

use biodegradable plastic fillers (they are available my friends - it's not 1985) 

use smaller boxes with less waste

change your cold bricks to be recycled via your reps (yes, these are useless eco-terrorism also - covered in bubble wrap and what EXACTLY are we to do with them? How big to you think our freezers are?)

As a very passionate community of VN's that have dedicated our lives to saving our creatures - we refuse to let this ignorant plastic packaging culture continue.