Housing SA Zoe Bettison Mismanagement Petition

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This Petition is Addressed  to Zoe Bettison the minister responsible for Housing SA and whom must be held to give account for the current state of mismanagement of Housing SA for the following.

  1. $8,000,000,000 debt of taxpayer money, brought about by , neglect , mismanagement of public resources.
  2. Unfair prioritisation of drug addicts and criminals. Housing SA contributes to the Meth-Amphetamine crisis, by housing Meth-Amphetamine Makers and users and other illicit drug suppliers, whom are many times violent and disruptive to neighbours and their clientele are also violent towards other Housing SA tenants.
  3. Unfair prioritisation of housing to migrants , Zoe Bettison has contributed to the poverty and hardship experienced by South Australians by placing further pressure on Public Housing by adopting a Migrants first policy. We ask this be stopped immediately, to reduce pressure on the housing system and to house those already waiting, whom in numerous cases have waited more than twenty years. We 
  4. Housing SA tenancy officers refuse to act upon information when  they  are made aware of Meth-Amphetamine production sales and use within the properties of Housing SA. This is a clear breach of their duty of care for tenancy officers and displays a such contempt and neglect for their tenants and the community. They are aiding and abetting criminals , and we as the public find this unacceptable and demand action.
  5. 21,000 people need a home , however Housing SA refuse to give fair treatment to those who patiently wait, and would rather supply multiple properties to Meth-Amphetamine users and other drug addicts , who destroy properties and are given another property. We Demand Change on this practice of rewarding and incentivising the damage and waste of public property , resources and funds. It is totally unacceptable to reward people for wrecking properties Zoe Bettison.
  6. Unfair Transfer System. Housing SA has created a situation in which it is very difficult for tenants who need a transfer to get one. Because of the neglect of Zoe Bettison to act upon drug users and violent tenants who have trashed their properties, and in many cases leave their properties and streets with garbage littered in their yards and streets. This creates a very unappealing environment to move into, and is a sad reflection of Zoe Bettison's management. We request change in this area.

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