Petition for removal of civil partnerships clause from Zimbabwe’s Marriages Bill.

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We, the undersigned, note with grave concern, the contents of the proposed Marriages Bill which seeks to introduce civil partnerships as relationships that will be recognised for the purposes of determining the rights and obligations of parties on dissolution of the relationship by application of the Matrimonial Causes Act [Chapter 5:13]. 

Section 40 (5) of the Marriages Bill states that, “civil partnerships can exist regardless of the fact that the concerned is or are legally married at the same time.”  This is a direct threat to the sanctity of marriage in Zimbabwe and threatens the very moral fibre of our society.  It is also a threat to the institution of the family which is the foundational building block for our society.

Healthy family units are crucial to building a healthy nation. As a nation, we must consider the type of values we are handing down to future generations. The proposed recognition of civil partnerships is an outrage. We petition for its removal from the Marriages Bill. 

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