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To all my fellow Zimbabwean and international community. The time to act on the Zimbabwean situation is NOW! Right now throughout Zimbabwe the government and military have unleashed a wave of terror on the Zimbabwean population under the cover of an Internet Black Out. All forms of Social Media and Internet access has been blocked. No WhatsApp, No Facebook, No Twitter, No Email, No Instagram! People are being shot, tortured and killed as we speak. We can no longer sit down and say nothing while these atrocities happen.

The people of Zimbabwe have suffered through ethnic genocide, racial divide and killings, opposition torture and killings, corruption, state capture, and economic hardship to mention a few. The government of Zimbabwe doesn't care about the Zimbabwean people. It only serves to enrich the people it's allied to. 

This weekend "President" Emmerson Mnangagwa  announced a 150% increase on fuel. This hike is price is only to be paid by Zimbabweans and not foreigners visiting and living in Zimbabwe. Is that fare? To add more fuel to the fire the President left on Monday for a five country European tour on a rented a Boeing jet that costs over $70,000 USD per hour to rent. Government workers have not been paid their salaries in months. The average Zimbabwean lives on less than $3-4 USD a day.