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Keep the ZRP off our roads!

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For the last five years the ZRP has made driving in Zimbabwe a living hell. For both local drivers and tourists. Their attitudes at the many thousands of roadblocks across the country leave a lot to be desired. The levels of corruption in the ranks are appalling. The bribes that allow completely unworthy vehicles to stay on the roads, whilst legal and compliant drivers are harassed for their "tempered" third number plates and reflectors that are off by less than 1mm. Having 23 roadblocks between BULAWAYO and HARARE has affected the movement of tourists within the country. Many tourists are too scared to even visit Zimbabwe because of the fear they have of the Police. We as a nation need the Police off the roads and in the Police Stations doing their real jobs, not trying to fleece the us. 

The last week, without the numerous roadblocks has been a taste of heaven for drivers in Zimbabwe. The change on the roads has been astounding! Even the numbers of accidents have dropped as there are no longer Officers jumping into the middle of the road. We are half way there already! So we ask you to please keep them in the Police Stations doing the jobs they're supposed to be doing and therefore stop telling us that you're understaffed and cannot attend a crime scene when you have 12 roadblocks mounted in a 5km radius of the station.

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