Free Zin India

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Shwetambari shetty happens to be one of the most respected and hardworking ZES and ZIN and what happened with her is very disappointing and unjust!

Recently she was left with no choice but to resign as ZES and her ZIN license was taken away.

It has shaken our Faith in Zumba, as a brand and as a business! Not because she is not a ZES, but because her ZIN license was cancelled for reasons unknown.

There have been multiple emails written by Zumba instructors across the country to Zumba Home office narrating individual stories of atrocities meted out by ZESs of the country. There has been no response.

This petition is to show the home office that this is a serious issue and requires its attention. Inaction is not a solution.

We need explanation and action from Home office on following points:
1) Why was the ZIN license of Shwetambari cancelled?
2) Make public complete email chain of the above decision – from concerns raised to decision taken – as proof of reason to the justifying your claim to the reason of cancellation of Shwetambari’s ZIN
3) If a Zin feels threatened or is harmed by a ZES, what is the escalation process for ZIN and what actions will ZHO take and in what timelines?
4) Zumba shall send an email to all ZINs of India assuring no ZES can take his/her license away and also he or she is free to host any instructor or conduct any event.
5) Substantial proof exists of ZES Shweta Kulkarni has been threatening ZINs from Pune, India. We demand that ZES Shweta Kulkarni be removed as ZES.

If ZHO fails to provide the above by the 22nd February 2018 as a proof of our commitment 100 Zins will give up their ZIN license.
If ZHO fails to provide the above by 28th all the petitioning Zins will give up the ZIN license