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More and more children/teens are committing suicide due to the effects of bullying. I STRONGLY feel that if schools adopt a ZERO tolerance policy, it will make kids think twice about bullying others. The current punishment of "3 day suspensions" is a mini vacation to offenders, and does not teach them anything! Many times after the suspension is over, the offender STILL harasses the victim!!! Zero tolerance to me means that you only get ONE chance, and if you bully. then you pay the consequences, such as the offender being banned from Sports and ALL school events. Send them to an alternate school at their PARENTS expense, NOT the Districts!! Make them go to a group counseling intervention program, again, at the PARENTS expense. Lastly, call an assembly and make the bully apologize to the victim in front of the WHOLE school! I realize that NY State law requires NY schools to provide an education, but if students bully, and harm others....they forfeit that right!! Too many victims have their lives turned upside down by bullying, it affects their education, their social life, and most importamtly their self-esteem and feelings! WHEN are WE going to face the severity of this situation?? It can be prevented!! . Lets enforce a strong policy so that kids today will THINK before bullying someone,  make punishment severe enough to let every one know we have ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying!  It's only going to get worse if we ALLOW it too!! If just ONE of the above punishments were put into place, I bet bullying would decrease immensely! If ONE school sets an example, then more schools will follow. Protect our Children!! PLEASE sign this petition.

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