Remove 20% VAT from U​.​K. Veterinary Services and Prescriptions

Remove 20% VAT from U​.​K. Veterinary Services and Prescriptions

29 August 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Annabel Claridge

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UK pet owners, small scale farmers and animal rescues** are currently having 20% VAT added to their vet bills and prescription charges.

This is effectively a tax on animal ownership, that vital part of so many lives.

Many pet owners are lonely, elderly, disabled, in need of mental support, or simply short of money. They may avoid taking their pets to the vet because of the cost, which is automatically increased by one fifth because of this tax.

Animals also support, officially or otherwise, the underprivileged, those with disabilities and those in care homes and hospices. Added to this, many of our rare and native breeds are being saved by low income smallholders, without whose hard work these important animals might be lost forever.

Please support this petition by calling for zero Value Added Tax (VAT) on all veterinary services and prescriptions for domestic pets, smallholding stock and rescue centres. By removing this tax we can alleviate a big chunk of the financial and emotional strain faced by often vulnerable individuals whose unwell pets are such a worry to them, or which may need to be neutered or euthanised (both things are VATable).

One tiny extra thing - your vote is vital and much appreciated - but sharing this petition could launch a thousand more votes. You can do this any way you like - work, school, clubs, gym - it doesn't have to be animal related - don't forget your family - be inventive! - maybe make your own slips to distribute? phone your local paper? this is about the petition, not me. 

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 Here are some relevant facts supporting this petition:

1. The UK has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in Europe with an estimated 51 million pets residing in households across the country (source: PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report).

2. According to a survey conducted by Blue Cross for Pets charity, 40% of low-income pet owners have delayed seeking veterinary care due to financial constraints.

3. The Royal Society for Public Health highlights that pets play a crucial role in improving mental health outcomes by reducing stress levels and promoting social interaction.

4. A study published in BMC Psychiatry found that companion animals significantly reduce feelings of loneliness among elderly individuals living alone.

. . . . and on and on - there are many, many reasons why pets, and animals in general are important in our lives.

I would really love your support in signing this petition. Let’s make sure that no pet is denied proper care because of this 20% tax.

Thank you!

** Small scale farmers and animal rescues may have incomes below the VAT threshold, which means they can't reclaim VAT. Animal rescues may be able to  apply for medicines (not consultations and therefore not neutering or euthanasia) free of VAT if they are a registered charity and hold an exemption certificate.


90 people signed this week
Signatures: 62,877Next Goal: 75,000
90 people signed this week