PvE Players Against 1 Orb - Orb Helmets Protests

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PTS patch notes 5.1.0:
"You can only have 1 orb active at a time."

As PvE healers, we feel this nerf is too extreme. Orbs are not only a great way to heal, but also a great way to help the sustain of your group. Using orbs is a way to promote teamplay and communication in PvE content. Thus, being able to have only one orb active at a time seems too restrictive and boring.

A lot of PvE healers have voiced their disagreement with this change, and their wish to stop playing the game if it went live. Please find a less restrictive way to change orbs, such as having 3 or 4 active at the same time.

Thank you for your time,
Orb Helmets Protesters.