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Contract Obsidian Entertainment for future Fallout games

Dear Zenimax Media Inc,

Bethesda Game studios have released two Fallout games now with the most recent in the series, "Fallout 4" releasing on November 10, 2015 in North America.

When Fallout 3 released, it was met with much criticism from fans for its contradictions to past title's lore, oversimplified mechanics, and multitude of bugs. Now that Fallout 4 has released, it seems as if the developers over at Bethesda Game Studios have learned nothing from their past mistakes. If you read reviews, you'll see that players are not happy about the current state of the game. From bugs that make the game unplayable to poor design decisions, there are complaints all around. At the time of this writing, Metacritic has a user score of 4.7 for Fallout 4, which is extremely low for a AAA title like this, especially a Fallout game.

I write this petition because I believe the Fallout series belongs in different hands. Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas was a hit success with fans both new and old and I believe they are much more suited to delivering a proper Fallout game myself and other fans will love.

It should be noted that Fallout New Vegas (an Obsidian Entertainment game) has higher scoring user reviews than Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 (both Bethesda Game Studios games.)

Fallout New Vegas on Metacritic (PC) 8.4/10 user score

Fallout New Vegas on Steam 96% positive reviews

Fallout 3 on Metacritic (PC) 8.0/10 user score

Fallout 3 on Steam 84% positive reviews

Fallout 4 on Metacritic (PC) 4.8/10 user score

Fallout 4 on Steam 78% positive reviews

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