Yeu kashi tashi mi nandayla should not go off air.

Yeu kashi tashi mi nandayla should not go off air.

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Started by Iqra Solkar

Respected Zee Marathi.
The news that "Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla" going offair brought me a great shock honestly. I mean it is really unacceptable for us to digest this fact. I mean the show is doing good since day 1 and always stood in the trp charts.The plot in the serial ahead is really good and I really feel that it will gather audience's attraction as it does always. Why I feel that the decision is unfair because since the first episode is aired the serial as well as the characters and the actors have got a, warm welcome and got a huge positive response and the love people have for this show is immeasurable. The centre of attraction of the show is the lead couple (Omkar-Sweetu) whose chemistry is amazing and won millions of heart and I think this is the highlight of the show. People every single day go crazy to watch them in every single episode which I think is a plus point for the show. Other actors are too working amazing in their craft that the audience desire to have a family like them. One more point to mention is the lead couple's wedding was a, worth wait by the audience specially those who were stuck to it even after the tracks which were against their expectations. That track took a long to end and people waited calmly and lovingly so it will be very disappointing for them to end this show, so early when it is just a month of the lead couple's wedding. People are curious to watch the after marriage story. Another reason is that I have seen that as the show gets old it loses its plot and interest of the audience which I don't honestly feel YKTMN has. Even after the show is 1 year old it still has the same charm as it had when aired first on the television. I recently checked on the trp chart and YKTMN is on top 3 isn't it a good response? It will be fair to quit those shows who doesn't have audience interest and low trp ratings. As an audience and as, well as, fans we are really disappointed by this decision of wrapping up the show so early. We know that a show has to end someday we totally agree but isn’t it unfair to end it on a rapid note. And also the reason behind ending the show also isn’t acceptable to us. As we know that a show only goes offair either it has low trp or it doesn’t have a good storyline but regarding YKTMN both the reasons aren’t applicable. The storyline is perfect and the trp shows that the serial is doing excellent. Just the serial is old doesn’t make any sense to end it, we think. According to us the actual highlight of the serial started after December when the leads got married and the audience are now, interested to know how would be their life after it this is very  shot span I mean just right now the story has, started last month only and now we hearing that we wouldn’t see more for which we actually waited since very very long.

We want to put our points in front of you why do we think that the show must run and not go offair.

(1)     The show has got a huge response from the fans.  The show has maximum following rather than any other in the industry.

(2)    The trp is best as the show is doing great on television.

(3)     Mohit and sweetus marriage was a blunder but the audience who love the show honestly still accepted that fact and continued watching that track was for almost 5-6 months now when the lead finally got married which was required to happen why not they are getting a good amount of time. There is so much to see but due to this decision we would not this is just a month happened after their marriage which we feel is unfair for the fans.

(4)    The story line the message behind bringing the show into limelight is working great and got a positive response from the fans and from the audience. People are still stick to the show just to watch more of it.

(5)    We think that instead of YKTMN other show on the channel who are doing low on TRP with average storyline and aren’t getting a good response from the audience should get offair. Which we think is fair.

(6)     The reason that the series is old isn’t acceptable by us because other channels too have too much old serials still running with not so impactful storyline but still running. As compared to that our serial have a powerful storyline which is working great still and more on it it has a Powerful lead couple who have great fan followings.

(7)    The performance of each and every artist is mind blowing and got a good I must say huge positive response from the audience.

(8)    Another reason is the fans wants to see more after marriage life of the lead couple because after facing so many hurdle the marriage has happened and it is totally unfair to end it within a month in such short period so abruptly.

(9)    If the timings are clashing we want you to change the time of our serial. We request you to give another slot to YKTMN but don’t end it so early.

The points are too much to cover here. We just want to request you that right now we really really don’t want YKTMN to end. Please consider our request, have a look  on it please. We will be waiting for your reply.

Thanking you. From all the fans of YKTMN

350 have signed. Let’s get to 500!