Zebra Crossing for Wold Academy

Zebra Crossing for Wold Academy

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Why this petition matters

Started by Lyndsey Anson

Before COVID, Wold Academy school had an amazing lollipop person dedicating her time to both before and after school to ensure the safety of our children crossing the road to get to school. Unfortunately due to ill health, we no longer have that asset. Unfortunately, we don't have anything now in place.

It is dangerous to cross a road at the best of times, but when having children dropped off and picked up, it seems to be even busier on the road outside our primary school. 

A zebra crossing is a way of preventing an unimaginable accident occurring outside the school. So many young children are at risk of injury or fatality with the cars that come down the road (some at speed) and parked vehicles causing a problem with clear line of sight for any driver or person using the road.

A zebra crossing shows black and white stripes and zig zag lines at either side, we know what they are and drivers are aware that this informs them of a need to slow down for potential pedestrians and that they have to stop to let those pedestrians cross. 

Big flashing beacons on either side of the zebra crossing show drivers at some distance, what they are driving towards. 

Please help this cause by providing your signature to enable us to show the council what is needed for the safety of our children in the school and for any other pedestrians on Wold Road, Hull. 

It needs to be acted on now, before a catastrophic event happens and we lose someone to the dangers of the traffic. We can prevent this by simply asking for the zebra crossing to be put in place now, show your support, none of us want to imagine what could happen if this is not put in place and fast!

385 have signed. Let’s get to 500!